Friday, November 24, 2017

Cheesy Parmesan "Bum" Rolls For Thanksgiving

So, I get up and make our Thanksgiving turkey and meal. By this point with the girls being as old as they are, I figure they know how to make most of the food I made while they were growing up.

For at least the last 16 years or more, we have always had Parmesan Cheesy Rolls for the holiday. I make rolls without cheese sometimes but the cheesy rolls are so much better that when I ask, they all want the cheesy rolls. 

I had Princess Three in the kitchen watching me prepare the turkey and asking questions. I KNOW I have showed them all how to make the turkey and really, here is a link to that post about how I cook the turkey upside down to keep it moist. I was surprised that she had questions, but was impressed that she was interested in learning how I do it. 

I learned this favorite of ours from my sister-in-law years back. I loved them so much that I asked how she made them. When she told me how EASY it was to make them, we were HOOOKED! 

Being gluten free, one thing I miss is rolls. I don't miss many things as I never enjoyed most flour products, but rolls and fresh bread have always been one thing I have enjoyed! 

I am sorry I didn't show the entire process but didn't think to post about it until I had already let the rolls rise. It isn't hard and you will really love how simple these are. 

If you make your own dough or choose to use frozen dough, it is the same. Once you have your dough rolled into balls, you spray the muffin tins with lots of non-stick coating and make sure you get the entire top of the muffin tin and NOT just the hole. 

Get a bowl, I use a dessert cup, and pour in either the shredded parmesan or the powdery "stinky cheese" type of parmesan cheese. I usually pour a small amount in and then refill it as needed so I don't waste the cheese. 

Take THAWED dough that is already rolled into balls and then just roll it into the cheese! If you use the chunky shredded, you can just mix it into the dough or dip it in an egg white or moisten it will a bit of water first so that the shreds will stick to the dough. Then place TWO of the balls into each muffin tin hole! 

I use Rhodes frozen rolls and put them in the fridge the night before I want to bake them so that they thaw some, making them easier to handle. 

Once they are rolled in cheese and you have two balls in the muffin tin, SPRAY the top of the rolls with non-stick cooking spray, or brush with melted butter! This step is important as two things will happen if you don't do this step. One, the tops of the rolls may dry out and crack or get hard and the rolls don't rise as well if they get hard.

The second, is that I have issues with not having things covered in the kitchen. I am a firm believer on never covering food with dish towels or fabric of any kind other than in the bread bowl and use only cloth napkins used only for that purpose. The food is baked by that point. So, to keep the rolls clean and moist, I cover the rolls with plastic wrap. If you don't put the non-stick spray on the top, the rolls rise and the plastic wrap sticks and when you pull the wrap off, the rolls fall and you have flat rolls! If you don't cover them, they can dry out. 

I have done all of the above mistakes and once I started using this method, I have perfect rolls every time.

Once the rolls have risen to the right height, I bake them at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes depending but I set timers for 10 minutes and check them and bake them in the center of the oven. If one side is getting darker at ten minutes, I rotate them and cook the last few minutes on the flipped side so they brown evenly if possible; I also do this when they are rising if one side is closer to a heat source and is rising faster, I will rotate them on the stove or counter so the other side will rise quicker making them more even. 

Check them frequently! I set the timer for 1 min at this point and constantly check and when they look golden, I pull one out and pull the two sides apart and make sue they are fully cooked in the middle.

When they are cooked, they look like a "bum" so they girls call them "bum" or "butt" roles which is totally rude, but take a look for yourself, they really do look like that once they have risen so take it with a grain.... 

Once they are out of the oven, you need to get them out of the pan quickly so they can breath and dry on the bottom. I pull them out and put them right into the bread basket and the ones that are extra, I pull out and turn sideways on the tin until they cool. If they are sticking as they do with the cheese on them, use a butter knife and gently slide it down the side and use it to ring the tin so the cheese unsticks and then you can pull the roll out without breaking it. 

I didn't even have all the rolls out of the tin before the girls were eating them and feeding them to each other in dramatic fashion so I had to stop what I was doing and take a picture because it was so funny they couldn't wait the two minutes for me to get them all out before eating one. That should tell you how much they enjoy these rolls! It looks as if it was steaming up her glasses! 

One of the girls asked during dinner "How many rolls each do we get?" as we have had to ration them in the past so that each would get even amounts as they go fast. I loved her reaction when she as told she could have SIX rolls!

Truly though, I asked about three times at the store yesterday if they thought that one bag of rolls was enough as I know they like to snack and pick at them through the day and several following days. I never throw them out, they always go. She was OVERJOYED to know she could have a full muffin tray just for herself!

I joked while making them that it was rough that I have to cook food I love but can't eat and the girls told me how terrible they will come out and I wasn't missing anything just to make me feel better! It was cute.

I just notice that Princess Three is borrowing Princess Five's apron I made several years ago for Christmas. Here is a link to that post.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving face-timing the little treasured grand children and their amazing parents many times throughout the day. It was so fun to see their cute little faces and now Grand-Prince One is recognizing us and interacting with us and today, I got him to jump with me. It was SO wonderful! Of course we missed Princess Four who is serving as  a missionary in Japan but are excited she is on the downhill side and will be home in six months! 

We are truly blessed and grateful for so much, after all, the "Secret" is Gratitude! Have a BLESSED and ABUNDANT Day!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving in Japan - What a Year For Princess Four

Hellllllllloooooo Minasan! Genki? Bijin? Samui? Wartashi wa hontouni samui desu yo! Everyone healthy? Beautiful? Cold? I am very cold. See the included pictures to see why!  
But this week was great! 100% great!! Wanna know why? Ill tell you why!! 

Year mark. My sister is having a baby BOY!!! I'll be sending them lots of Japanese names for suggestions. IT SNOWED SO MUCH LAST NIGHT!!!! Investigator chan is going to come to Thanksgiving FHE.... This is her first time saying yes to an activity for a LONG Time like at Least 6 months. She is such a doll. I love her! 

And the happiest thing of all, NOA'S MOM GAVE HER PERMISSION TO BE BAPTIZED!! We still need the dads permission. But we taught the mom the first lesson to let her know what we have been teaching her daughter. She wasn't interested, but is willing to let her daughter do what she wants. WAHOOO!!!! Hopefully she will change her mind, but we are just so happy that she said yes. I AM SO URESHIIIIIIII!!!! So happy!!! 

Highlight of the day. Suda shimai jumped in the snow like. Literally belly flopped into the snow... And she didn't realize how painful that is. But it was so cute! She is from close to Tokyo, so snow isn't a norm for her! She also fell this week stepping on crunchy sounding ice. My comp is seriously the best. She also made a scavenger hunt for me for my year mark. I love her! 

It was Elder "Manly's" birthday. WE made a cake. A little bit of a fail, but they said it tasted good, so that is all that matters! Haha 
I have missed winter dendo. It makes it so much easier to stop people walking! Man. I love it! It is so cold. OH by the way, Sister Suda and I are in the most north, most cold area that sisters can go to... So for this thanksgiving I'm giving gratitude to my dear sweet mother who helped me pack to warmest things! 

I really hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving! I'd love to hear what you're grateful for! I am grateful for all of you and the love and support I Receive! May god bless you! 

The biggest learned point this week was probably yesterday. I had prayed the night before and asked to be forgiven for my shortcomings and failures, and was just feeling kind of blue. But God didn't want that. So the next day during my personal study i read in my usual spot. Mosiha 3:4,

4 For the Lord hath heard thy prayers, and hath judged of thy righteousness, and hath sent me to declare unto thee that thou mayest rejoice; and that thou mayest declare unto thy people, that they may also be filled with joy.

The angel here was talking about declaring to the people about Christ. I just knew that God knew  and understood me. He knows and loves all of us. He wants us to rejoice! And to share the things that we rejoice over! And I get to share the thing that makes me the most Joyful EVERY DAY! This same day we visited Hikari. We all wrote down problems/questions, then read where hikari chan was reading. And all of our questions, except for Hikari's were answered, so legit. Like the same scriptures answered all of our different questions. I know the Book of Mormon is TRUE!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Aishiteimasu! 

Bistare Bistare... Happy year mark!
My scavenger hunt! she got me space socks. Sorry no picture!
More snow. The pictures don't do it justice. There is Sooooo much snow!!! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Running Out of Steam - Priming the Garage

Last week I posted about how I had more energy and was trying to give up drinking coke for the caffeine as I know it isn't  good for me.

I have been so tired again these past few days that I haven't gotten much done until yesterday when I drank a 2 liter bottle of coke so I could get that section of the garage textured. It took me so many hours just to texture that one wall and I didn't really finish one wall as I ran out of texture and need to finish this section so I can put all the shelving back and all the stuff that goes on the shelving so I can pull out the next section of shelving on the other side of the stairs on that same wall. 

For my first time doing texture, I think it came out fairly well except for where the old drywall tape had come loose and I thought I could restick it using glue sticks or texture but in a few places, it bowed out causing a few lines in the wall so I would share that if you even have the situation where the tape wasn't finished soon after it was put up, remove the tape and use the new fiberglass tape with the holes as it worked much better. 

It was so cold that the texture didn't dry so I had to put a heater and fan in the garage today to try and get it dried so I could paint. I put two coats of primer on the wall today and it took me all day as I was so tired from yesterdays push to get it textured. I am sure a professional could have done both in a few hours but for my efforts, I am proud of myself that being so tired and having so much to do, I could take something new on rather than just putting the shelving back with the wall unfinished again. I knew that I would NEVER remove those shelves and all the stuff on them and pull them away from the wall to finish the garage if I put them back as there is just so much yard, house, camping, tools, emergency prep stuff on the shelves it took me a few days to get the stuff off and move them. 

Knowing I will have the girls home for a few days, and that they will be able to help me get to their stuff, and there is a huge pile of "Ebay" sales stuff I had out there to sell 15 years ago before my divorce when ebay was still a way to make money before everyone learned how to post online. The divorce happened, I lost my ebay account and being single I never had time to get back to it and the stuff has just been stuck in the back of the garage where I never had time to dig it out and get rid of it. 

I am REALLY hoping that with this time of "calm" in my life which I haven't had in so many years, I will be able to get those type of things out of my life! So many things have just really gotten buried as I only had time to deal with emergencies. 

You have NO idea how happy getting this one wall of the garage done makes me. I know it sounds stupid but it is just a start and hope of things to come in my world! Finishing my "list" of things needing to be done! I used to play the piano or guitar every night before bed when things were "done" before my divorce and kids were older. I has been years since I have done either! I am looking forward to a time when my house is in order so I can do that again! 

Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It Only Took 22 Years - Texturing The Garage

I did something today that I have never done before. I textured some of my garage!

I bought some texture a few years back when I updated my bathroom but then got scared and hired a guy to come ad do the skip-trowel on my bathroom wall. So, I have never done texture before. I have done taping and mudding between drywall but never texture.

Due to my lack of experience, I put it off for a few weeks as I was afraid I would mess it up or was just afraid to start another project as I have so many to do. However, I HAD to pull the shelves away from the wall several month back for an issue so I didn't want to put the shelves back on the wall before finishing the wall because finishing the garage was one of the top three things I wanted to get done when we bought the house over 20 years ago! 

I wanted to replace the counter tops. Get new blinds for the family room upstairs and to fishing that garage. It took me over 15 years to get new blinds and I still haven't replaced the counter tops so to get something done on the garage, even if it is only one wall and part of the ceiling, is still something! 

There was one spot where someone stepped on the drywall in the attic and caused the screws to rip through and there was an issue as the drywall was hung just to one side of the stud so there was nothing to screw it into and I screwed it in at an angle prior to the mishap of them stepping on it in the attic so I came up with what I thought was an inspired answer and now I wish I had taken a video of it but I took little metal pieces from an erector set an screwed them into the drywall and wood and then the metal piece held up the other side of the drywall.

I used one short metal piece and two longer and then I just spackled over the metal pieces so there may be al little more texture on that joint area but I don't know that anyone is going to notice it and you can see in the bottom picture how awful it looked. I used the joint tape over the holes where the screws and nails pulled through and it came out great! 

I had a coupon for Ace hardware so I purchased the texture a few weeks back but wasn't sure how much I would need so I purchased another 5 gallon bucket today just for good measure. I started early in the day but it was cold and I went to purchase the other bucket and run some other errands, pay some bills etc and so I got back to it after dark and it was so cold that I had on a hat and socks etc to try and keep warm but I am still trying to thaw.

I am hoping to get the primer and paint done tomorrow so that I  can move the shelves back on Wednesday. Three of the girls are coming home for the holiday and said they would like to go through the bins of their stuff that are stacked in the garage but they can't get to them due to the nightmare the garage has been for many months with all the summer events, surgery, moving Princess five to college, the play etc. 

I wanted to finish the outside stuff before it snowed and it snowed this week so I figured I could work on the garage now as I am done with the yard as it would damage the trees now with the cold to prune the last few trees in the back that I didn't get done. 

All in all, I think the yard is looking better, the house is looking a mess presently as I am sorting stuff from three different rooms and am still working on my mom's history stuff but they ARE getting worked on at night when I couldn't work outside so nothing is stagnant which is WONDERFUL as I haven't been able to get anything off the list for years! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Princess Five Sings a Princess Song

I had the opportunity to go to visit Princess Five this past week. She was having the end of semester "Class Review" for her musical theater class. This was a huge part of their grade. I enlisted a friend to go with me on the drive and to enjoy watching Princess Five sing her songs.

She choreographed two of the dance sequences for the larger group numbers. As you know, she has danced most of her life and has enjoyed that until the car accident kept her from enjoying her last year of dance in high school. I noticed during one of the songs that her left arm drooped a bit in the arm part of the dance but for the most part, I think she has recovered nearly fully in that so I continually give gratitude for that blessing in her life! Here is a link to one of the posts about that.

In the entire program, there were only three solos. Princess Fives was last on the program. I think the director saved the best for last. She is SO adorable but the sound on the video is terrible. I am so sad about that but you can see how cute her facials are and her intonation comes through even though the sound is bad.

They held it in a small classroom theater and there was no microphones and the piano just overpowered everything else. In another group number, you couldn't even hear the singing at all of the soloist so I am grateful that you can hear her somewhat at least.

She also had a solo in the last number where the professor sang the male solo and she didn't tell me she had the other solos in the song. She did great and I am so glad I live within driving distance to visit her and support her in these things.

She has another performance in a few weeks but is just in the choir in this one. I LOVE seeing her on stage. She just comes alive and it makes her enjoyable to watch.

I am SO blessed. When going to view a few of the accident posts for the link, it makes me remember how blessed I truly am to have her in my world!

Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, November 17, 2017

One Year Today Missionary Event

Princess Four has officially been out on her mission for a year today! I was leading the music at church on Sunday and I plan the songs out for a year at a time. I recycle the years music with a few changes each year depending on conferences and holidays but I remember we sang the hymn, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" for our closing song the week before she left and I cried through the entire thing! 

We sang that song this past Sunday so I knew that the one year mark was coming up and it just happened that some people in the community planned a fun event for today and it happened to be her One Year Anniversary! They couldn't have planned it better!

I printed out her last letter that shared about what she like in Japan and her testimony of Christ etc and laid it out with pictures in it and then printed it on "rainbow" paper as I knew she would enjoy that. I printed 65 copies.

I woke with a headache today as there is a storm coming and I went to make the copies and somehow ended up at the wrong venue for the event and had to call asking where it was. I hate headache days as I can't think clearly.
It was at a Chinese restaurant and there were about 30 people there. Those that couldn't be there, sent letters with friends to join in for their missionary. There were about 45 letters from all over the world from these missionaries from our area.

Most of them graduated within a year of Princess Four either side and she will enjoy getting a packet of letters from all those friends for Christmas. I included her own in it so she could see what I sent out from he. I got to visit with lots of the ,kids friends moms while eating.

I forgot to get my camera out while we were picking up the three tables worth on both sides and ends of letters but did remember right at the end after most people left. It was good to catch up on what their kids were doing on their missions.

They had all the parents get up and share who they were, where their child was serving and any suggestions they have. I shared that today was her 1 year anniversary, that she is in the most northern part of Japan that they will allow girls to live and, it is SUPER cold. I also shared how I sent pictures of her gifts in color in her Christmas package and how I sent all the holidays together due to the expense of sending the packages so if any other moms had kids that would be out next year, they could do that.

I also got an adorable video from Princess Four today as she wrote her first song! She wrote it on the ukulele and I want to have her send it in a shorter format so I can post it and will ask if she can do that and hopefully be able to share it as it is fun with English and Japanese mixed in.

It was a good day even though I fought a headache all day. Princess Four will be home near the end of April! Yahoo!

Have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Temples, Pennies, 111, and Rainbows - A Day of Signs

I contacted all of my girls a week or two ago asking if any of them wanted to go on a road trip and see a temple that was built recently. 

The girls are all over living in different cities about two to 5 hours apart. I didn't think any of them would want to converge to go on even a longer drive, but I wanted to go and so I asked. I was right, all of them are so busy presently that they couldn't take the time to go, so I decided Monday that I was going to go by myself. 

I called a Dr. in the area that I wanted to see and asked if I could get in. They gave me an early appointment but having the new car, (see that post here) I haven't driven it enough to know mileage so I didn't take into account needing to stop for gas and actually missed my appointment. I knew I was running late so I called them sharing that I would miss it with the drive etc and they had just had a cancelation so they fit me in for that afternoon.

When I arrived in the city of the temple, I was so excited that I went right to the temple and was a bit confused with large rolling shelves of flowers on the grounds and only a few workers. Looking at the ticket, it stated it was open at 10. I pulled in and they shared that due to frost, all the flowers had died overnight and that they were opening later in the day so that they could replace the dead flowers in the gardens.

I thought it was wonderful that they wanted everyone to enjoy the beautiful flowers. I guess since they were recently planted, the roots weren't strong as pansies are usually quite hearty against frost. They had teams working and got it looking beautiful by the opening time of noon.

With extra time, I went shopping and found some great things. I don't often just go shopping. I am usually picking up specific things and being in a small town, there really aren't many places to go shopping so it was a treat and I was able to see the Dr. and was thrilled with how she helped me. It was worth the drive. 

I had to walk around after seeing the Dr. to set the back for a few minutes so I walked to the nearest grocery store and was thrilled to see that they had fresh sushi. I splurged buying three different containers as it had been a long day. 

While walking through the temple, they had the most beautiful stained glass windows I have ever seen. They were rescued from a church somewhere in New York that was no longer able to maintain the building and someone purchased them and donated them to the temple. The one in the entrance was Christ standing with his arms wide open and facing you. The colors were SO deep and I have never seen one that used the striations in the colors of glass before like that. Truly a masterpiece. The one at the exit at the back doo,r had Christ in the garden of Gethsemane kneeling. Both were absolutely amazing. It was one of those moments that made you wish you had that talent as it was so exquisite.

While walking through one of the rooms called a "Sealing" room, the sun was shining through the stained glass and  caused a rainbow on the altar right in the front and center. It made me think my mother was there with me as the sealing rooms in the temple are used to join families not just until death, we believe in the power to seal families even after death. Brides and Grooms marry kneeling across from one another at the alter to signify that they are putting themselves "on the alter" sacrificing their want as individual, promising themselves to be with that person for eternity.

Also, in the temple, they promise God to obey His laws and only be intimate with their spouse similarly as other marriages say, "Before God" in their marriage ceremonies. The ceremonies are very quiet and reverent and peaceful and I always feel "safe" and at peace there. 

I love that they spare no expense on the building as we believe it is "Gods House" and that He deserves the best and most beautiful man has to offer in His house so they import items from all over the world. The wood was absolutely beautiful, dark mahogany from Africa and many of the carpets were milled in Italy. 

The temples try to match the area where they are built and the last one we visited was near apple orchards and they carried the apple theme throughout the temple. This temple had juniper pine carved into the wood and Columbine flowers carved in the wood, stain glass flowers, flowers on the door handles and woven into the carpets. It was lovely. The outside was more plain that many others and the size is about mid size to some of the others but it stands on a hill like most of the other temples if possible. 

I LOVED getting to go and see it and they also use local artists for the artwork in the temples and I saw several new artists with paintings I have never seen before as well as some of my favorite painters past and present. Truly, one of the main reasons I enjoy going is the artwork. The entire building is like a big piece of art. 

If you even have the opportunity to visit an "open house" of a temple before they are dedicated to God, you should take the opportunity. Once it is dedicated, only worthy members of our church can enter as you need to make covenant to obey certain laws of living and conduct before entering, as it is Gods house. 

Imagine my joy as I was walking to get the sushi and found a penny on the road! I felt like God was telling me that He was watching over me and I should continue to "Trust in Him" by placing that penny right in my path to the store. 

Then, on the way home, I was driving and passed a truck that had 111 on it in huge numbers on the back on its trailer number. I counted myself blessed having seen so many signs throughout the day knowing my mother and God were watching out for me. 

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home as I needed some groceries and I just laughed as I used the self checkout when I spotted the amount of the bananas. I had almost taken two off the bunch when picking them but then thought I could probably eat that many. It was 1.11 for the bananas. 

I had no doubt that it was a blessed day. Being able to have the Dr. fit me in and help fix a problem I have been dealing with for years. Driving my BEAUTIFUL new car (See that post here) there, getting to go shopping, getting to tour the temple and see the rainbow, and I also saw a video that had "rainbow" in the title while out shopping earlier and both reminded me of my mom, (see that post here), getting to get sushi, finding a penny, (see that post here), and seeing 111 twice in a few hours. See that post here

I am truly grateful! Have a BLESSED Day!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Princess Four Is a Japanese Card - Fun in Japan

Hello To the most Beautiful people! Genki? I'm Genki....  Wanna know why??!?!?! BECAUSE I STAYED IN SUEHIRO WITH MY DEAR BELOVED SUDA SHIMAI!

Oh. I also became a Sister Training Leader. Don't really know what's in store, but be prepared for lots of fun split stories, because I will be going on exchanges quite a bit!  
Let's just jump right in, shall we? Oh.. and also it is my year one mark this week on the 16th.... um..... I'm just going to leave it at that.. JUST KIDDING!! IM GOING TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING I LIKE ABOUT JAPAN! Ok... Maybe not everything, because there is too much! But buckle your seat belts.

Things I like about Japan:

The church, and the people, and the food are of course at the very top, but I think we should talk about the stuff you won't see in America.
100 cent sushi.
Everyone's hair being black.
Cute characters being a part of their culture. Like Winnie the Pooh, but different.
The HUGE snow piles.
The parks. So many.
So many children.
Pinging. Oh. Calling ringing the doorbell, pinging. But pinging a house two times, then knocking and saying Konnichiwa. Sometimes saying Ohaiyo or good morning when its night time and you're supposed to say Konbanwa.

THE CLOTHES. Some are so stylish. others have funny English. Others just make you laugh. But the English here.... there is funny English on everything. I will miss that.

The dollar stores. They are actually good quality, and are a missionary's dream!
Japanese is also at the top of the list. There are so many phrases and sound words, Like Natsukashi. Which means Nostalgic. But we don't say them in America. BOOHOO!

People carrying HUGE bags of stuff all the time. Why. IDK. But it happens.

People staring at you because you aren't Japanese. And young boys yelling 'Beautiful' at you, and speaking the little English they know. Wow I could go on forever, but I just know that I love Japan. SO MUCH!

Let's switch gears here, and focus on why I am even in Japan in the first place.
Things I like about the gospel:
God is our loving Heavenly Father. He wants to hear from us, and is always listening. He wants to hear about the good things in our lives, and the hard things too. From problems such as losing a pencil, to crying because you don't feel good enough at teaching, or riding a bike, or speaking Japanese. He will always be there to comfort you! 
Christ and his Atonement. I can't tell you how important this is. Do you realize that the Savior suffered for all your pains and sins and afflictions, so that you don't have too? Yes, there will always be consequences to our actions, but we can be forgiven only through this precious gift!
Everyone has spiritual gifts. We can develop them. The gift of tongues is real.
Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies. 
Hymns have power. 
Happiness and Joy are choices, and we can become most happy through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wow. I could also go on forever about this, but time is a tickin! 

This week was fun! And good! And I just love everything! 
Highlights of the week! We had a birthday party, and Suda Shimai rocked the message, and was able to share the story of Joseph smith to a ton of people! Wahoo!! 

Man I am blanking on what happened this week. I studied a lot about Joseph smith. I testify that he was a prophet, and that his experiences are true. He really did meet God and Jesus, and translate the Book of Mormon!
Yesterday, I was like "hey, let's ping this house," and Suda Shimai was like, that is a less active member who the Elders are focusing on... and so we went and shared a message. Then Suda shimai was like, "I think this is a members house, let's ping it." So we did.... And she was right it was a member, but not the member she thought, and this member is a grandma who was baptized when she was 16... And when she got married she stopped coming to church... SO UM WHAT THE SPIRIT IS REAL!!!!  We were able to visit/find 2 less actives. The church is true! 


Someone made us cards!
Noa and Yuu. 
Birthday party! 
I did her hair in a "Fish bone" but you can't see.. sorry!
We like sushi and dragon fruit!
Again. Noa and Yuu! Yeah!