Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Making Your Own Toilet Potpourri - A Happy Ending

Princess Four is leaving tomorrow for her mission to Japan. She goes to a training center for nine weeks to learn the language and then in January will be headed to the northern most island in Japan. 

She is ready to go. I don't know that I am ready for her to go. I am going to MISS her so much. As you can read in my blog over the past few months, I finally have been able to get some of the "to do" things off my list. Just this past week I finally felt that I was getting ahead on the list for the first time in a year or two.

She will be a great missionary and is learning the language already and I am very impressed with how much she has learned on her own. 

She told me that she would like some of the toilet potpourri spray as another missionary told her that it was wonderful on her mission as you never know where you will be when and to have that made her life better. 
I looked up the leading brand of poo, poop, pooh, potpourri spray and almost bought a bottle but then remembered that I have a shoe box full of potpourri oils from a clearance sell years ago and thought I would use them for a boutique craft or something and gave a ton of them away but ended up with that shoe box full. 

I put some in a small spray bottle with a little peppermint oil and it worked great as we just left it on the back of the toilet and you spray about five sprays in the toilet before going and it smelled wonderful! 
With that, I took some of the cinnamon oil and put it into a squeeze bottle which may be a little easier for a missionary as I would hate the spray bottle to leak in her bag. I saw a non-leading brand at the grocery store in a drop form so I figured I would try that. 

I put in half of the potpourri cinnamon oil and half olive oil and shook it in the dropper bottle and we tried it and it was great. I think I would use a cheaper oil like vegetable oil to cut the other oils down as you don't need just essential oils, it just needs a film of oil on the surface of the water to keep the smell down.
I did like the smell of the peppermint oil with the cinnamon but the orange and peppermint with cinnamon would smell like Christmas. 

Basically, the possibilities are endless as you can mix any smelling oil with vegetable oil and it would work. If you use a thicker oil in the dropper bottle you will need to shake it. I would suggest using a thinner oil like peppermint if you are going to use the spray bottle as the thicker oils can clog a fine tip.   
Any room freshener oil with the wick sticks would also work just stick it into a dropper or spray bottle and it would work and if it doesn't, just add some vegetable oil of some kind and shake it up and it would be fine. 

This is super easy to make and you can't really go wrong but I would stay away from the really flowery scents as it tends to smell like potpourri back in the 80's and the strong bathroom spray scents. I think they are too strong.

The video has the same information and I mixed the oils half and half with the cooking oil but like I shared, if you are using the spray, thinner oils are better. Citrus oils will keep the nozzle cleaner as it breaks down the heavier oils. I also think the lemon and orange smell cleaner as we tend to have those in household cleaners to cut grease anyway.

Feel free to ask questions and to use the bathroom freely! ;-)

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