Friday, November 11, 2016

Good Laugh For The Day

I have lots going on this weekend. I have Princess Fives girls choice dance. I have a family wedding and reception with a 6 hour drive. Most importantly, it is Princess Fours last weekend home before she leaves for 18 months on a mission to Japan! 
With that, you can imagine I have lots to get done to get her ready to leave. We are trying to quickly get the last minute items done like printing off family pictures, getting rechargeable batteries for her speakers and camera, getting sd cards for her to send home with pictures etc.   

I am also trying to get last minute yard things done before snow and winter set in. I am not doing well with this last one as I have lots on my list but it is going to have to wait until after this week as I don't think I can get them done before she leaves. 

I have been getting more and more things done in the house at night when I can't work in the yard and am thrilled that I can finally get some things off the list. 

I cooked up something tonight and put the butter knife on the butter dish and it fell off and went down between the stove and the counter. I knew that one fell last month but I didn't have time then to get it out so I figured I would pull out the stove and get them both out. Imagine how funny it was when I found SIX knives beside the stove! 

I was very grossed by the four bread twisties and crumbs under the oven as I usually pull it out and clean under it quite often but as I was cleaning it, I noticed the red drips down the side of the stove and realized it was from the red pepper Portuguese hot sauce I cooked up last year around this time. Here is a link to that post. 

As I cleaned, I started thinking about what has happened in my life since I made that hot sauce in just one year. I had my mother living with me for months going in for blood work and blood weekly, her moving home, then her death, then cleaning her estate and right after that, elections, then pageants, a new grandson, Princess Fives accident, then Princess Four getting ready for her mission and my own health stuff with non-human parasites and gallbladder issues

I understood why my corners have "cobwebs" etc as life has been so difficult and busy this year. I REALLY pray that my life calms down some and that I can catch up on all the things that haven't been getting done for the past year. Today, I finally felt like I am getting things off the list rather than adding more to the list.

There are things still going on the list but I am actually crossing things off the list! It feels so good to be able to get through some things and get rid of things. I am hoping after my surgery and Thanksgiving, that I might feel good enough to start getting lots more off the list. Wouldn't that be a blessing! 

I am glad I could get my six knives back and clean out that disgusting mess, makes me sleep better tonight knowing things are getting better daily!

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