Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's Official - Shimai Is Now a Missionary

Today was a good day. It was long and we are tired but it was a good day. I printed off the last pictures she wanted, went to the bank and basically got the last few things we needed. 

In TRUE Princess Four fashion, she is still up and repacking her suitcases which have been packed for a few weeks due to me "needing" to have it "off my list." 

But, it has been so long, she can't remember what was in them as she didn't do a "check off" list so it is after midnight and I am finding the last few things she may need and I am fading fast. I am using large font and typing as fast as I am able as I need sleep to make the long drive tomorrow. 
She met with our ecclesiastic leader at 4:30 today and he gave her a wonderful blessing which makes it very official that she will now be a "sister" missionary in our church for the next 18 months! 

We went to pick up the pictures at Walmart and the sunset was radiating in all directions beautiful colors but by the time we got into the car, grabbed the camera and drove to the other side of the parking lot, the color was almost gone. 

I asked Princess Four what she wanted for her last "going away" dinner. Would you believe "sushi" was the answer? We have eaten more sushi in the past three months since she has been home than in several years put together. She is SUPER excited to be able to go to Japan and eat it more often as it is something she really enjoys. 

We talked about maybe watching a movie for the last time tonight but by the time I typed up her last few things, printed off a few things, several people dropping off cards and giving her a bit of money to help her on her way, it was fairly late. 

People have been very generous in giving her some "get ready" money and since we spent $1000 on wool clothes, shoes, boots, glasses, contacts, etc, it has been wonderful since she needs $500 for a bike, $48 for a helmet, $200 in fees to get into the country, and $60-80 for bedding, I am VERY grateful to those who were kind and generous enough to share what they have with her so I can focus on the medical bills and house taxes due this month. 

Several people called or stopped over to say "goodbye" while others wrote on her "wall" and some, we were just lucky to run into like my nephew who works at the store where we picked up sushi for dinner. 

Tomorrow is going to be hard for both Princess Five and I but it will be SO much easier for me to drop her off as her older sister, Princess Two works at the office where we will be taking her to drop her off! 
What blessings are ours! So many blessings. You won't believe what song came on spotify as we were leaving for her meeting at 4:30 where she became an official missionary.....Yep, "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World! Here is a post about that song and there are many other posts where I share that it comes on just at a needed time to remind me God loves me.  

Here is a smattering of the pictures we printed to send with her and we are about ready to go. She dropped off "Thank You" notes and treats tonight and we head out in the morning! I'm gonna MISS that girl!          

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