Friday, November 4, 2016

Last Minute Mission Hair Cut and Color

Princess Four is leaving for a mission to Japan in less than two weeks. 
We have been discussing what she wants to do with her hair is it is super long. When she isn't looking down like she is in the picture, it goes just below the waist band of her pants top.

She finally told me this morning that she wanted about six inches off the bottom to even it up and cut off any damage. When I asked her to show me how much she wanted off, she had about 11 inches in her hand. She didn't believe me and got out a ruler and said, "ok, ten inches."  

I know how my girls are when they have super long hair. They get really emotional when it is cut by a drastic amount. I suggested that we cut off four to six inches and if she wants more, we can do that but if I cut off 10 and she doesn't like it, I can't put it back. 

I cut of just about 5 inches and then we used 1 highlighting kit rather than two and I pulled very small amounts out of the every other hole circle holes in the cap and tried to not get enough that it would make a stripe as being a missionary, they want conservative hair. 

I then didn't leave the bleach on her hair for long as she didn't want streaks but wanted to blend in the longer hair that was already highlighted so the growth she has had will blend in yet she didn't want so much highlighted this time that it would have a distinct grow out line.
I think the results were what she wanted but the hair is a bit longer than she asked for but I can always cut off a bit more before she goes if after a few days, she thinks it is too long. 

The picture at the top shows how great it came out on top and I think she likes the length. I am going to miss her so much but I am doing my best to help her feel ready to go.

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