Thursday, November 10, 2016

No Surgery and The Unmanageable Hair

As I shared yesterday, I have spent lots of time this past year at Dr.'s offices waiting. Today was no exception as we waited at least an hour to see the Dr.

Today was Princess Fives visit with the surgeon about her shoulder. She has been doing her own rehab for the past month as she had done everything the rehab place had for her and when she went the last few times, they had her do everything on her own anyways so she stopped going. She is doing really well as she has started dancing every morning with the drill team / dance team at school.

As you know she had to "sit out" for three months as the bouncing hurt her arm and just recently she has had "shooting" pain in the area where the nerve was damaged but she sees that as a good pain as she feels like the nerves are growing back in that area.

There is still swelling in the bump where she hit the door when it rolled on the drivers side and the bruising in that spot was there over a month very clearly and she hasn't had any feeling on the skin in that spot since the accident but she can now feel "tingling" and the shooting pains so she feels it is getting better.

The Dr. basically said he has done what he can for her and the rest is up to her as no surgery is needed unless there is catching, snagging type issues. He said the rest is up to her to continue working on range of motion and muscle strength.

Basically, she can do most things but when it comes to putting her hand on her hip, she has to lift her shoulder up and swing the hand in to the hip but she can do it. She can easily put her hand up towards the shoulder behind her and in front but she can't get the arm up like a square at the shoulder or turn it down making a downward square from the shoulder so it is the lifting the arm out straight at shoulder height and bending the arm up or down that is the problem.

If she lays on her back on the ground, she can't put it back like a pitcher getting ready to throw a pitch. She can however if someone slowly pushes it down on the square so he thinks she will heal but still said up to a year for strength, nerve and motion and maybe a year and a half but she is healing rather quickly so we hope it will all heal sooner than later.

As I looked over at her while waiting, the hair that was cut / shaved off at the scalp during the accident was sticking up and she said she has to spray the hair down with hairspray daily as much of her hair broke off at the ponytail lever or shorter during the accident as well as the shaved area so her hair looks frizzy all the time but I am grateful she has hair, is alive and can use her arm and isn't paralyzed! Her hair grows so quickly. It has been 3 1/2 months since the accident and it is over 2 inches.

Someone told a story at a conference I attended this past weekend about a teen girl her age getting in an accident and is in a wheelchair for life. TRULY I am SO GRATEFUL to God and all those her helped her in so many ways for her life and that I get to have her for more time. I will take the long Dr. visits, the cropped hair, the numb arm and all the rest to have her sweet smiling face in my world. I am BLESSED!

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