Monday, November 7, 2016

Refinishing a Painted Chair - Part One

My mothers estate items have been taking back seat since Princess Five's accident three months ago and also getting ready for Princess Four to leave for Japan has consumed my time. 

We had everyone come home this past weekend for Princess Four's farewell at our church where she spoke before leaving. 

With that, our house was a bit crazy and I have been moving beds around and shifting things since we took the bunk beds to Princess One's a few months back. 

I had to move all my mothers estate stuff into one of the girls rooms when the accident happened and out of sight and lots going on has made for them not getting finished.  

This weekend I was able to pull apart one of her chairs. It was actually one I remember from growing up and am glad now that I got it as it was one of the last things in her place. 

To remove the seat from most chairs, there are four screws you take off from the bottom so turn the chair over and pull out the screws. The cushion will come out. I will show how to refinish the seat in part two. 

If you are painting the chair a similar color, lightly sand the chair before painting it so the paint will stick and not chip. If you are painting it a lighter color, you may need to use a primer coat after a light sand. 

I show on the video with a little description how to do this. I would use a good quality spray paint as you will be moving and using the item. I sprayed some apples black for our Halloween decorations but used a cheap dollar store can for that as they won't be used. It is worth the money for a better paint that will last so you don't have to redo it often if it is a highly used item. 

Other than a light sand and using spray paint, you can do regular paint and brush it on and then coat it with a clear coat after but I am into fast and easy when it comes to projects so this worked best for me. 

Last suggestion, if the item is really chipped and dinged, try using the "hammered" paint that comes in either spray paint or brush on paint. I have used that on many projects and have been thrilled with the results. Here is a link to my trailer where I used it so you can see the finish. It comes in gold, silver, bronze, copper etc.      

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