Friday, August 18, 2017

Another Frustrating Internet Day Filled with Blessings As Well

I woke this morning headed to a Food Bank Board meeting to find Princess Five's car had a flat tire. I took her car in this week for an oil change and for the tires to be rotated but when I left the tire place and went to run an errand, I walked around the car to find the wheel well plastic sticking out and a dent in her car.

I will admit that her car is old and a teenagers car but after her roll over, we are so grateful to have a car. I took the car to the tire place today and showed them the dent and asked if the plastic well cover was sticking out before I took it to them, I figured "wouldn't they have put it back when rotating the tires or warned me about it?" I think maybe the kid pulling it out of the bay or rotating the tires dented it. It was on the passenger side so I didn't see it until checking the air in the tires after getting out at the next store.

It was closing time so I didn't take it back and then yesterday with all the migraine and throwing up going on and not getting out of bed until five p.m. I couldn't take it back. With the flat, it was an adventure on its own. The jack in the back of the car was rusted so much Princess Five couldn't get it to work. I arrived home later after typing up the board meeting minutes with a whole car load of CHERRIES!

The food bank had a full pallet they didn't think would last until Monday and they aren't open on Fridays so they told me to take
what I wanted. They were yummy and I want to try and dry some but won't have time until later this weekend. I delivered ten flats to neighbors and then changed the tire using my car jack. I later traded her jack out for a newer one from Princess Fours car that isn't being used and I have one buried in my garage at the moment that I will put in her car later.

The car place pushed out the dent as much as they could and fixed the plastic well guard and fixed the flat for free. I can't prove it was them with the dent so I was just grateful that they did what they could to fix it. Princess Five moved all her school bins to a central location to load up tomorrow and I sewed her some bed pillows, a cover for her laundry hamper, and a curtain.

We had an issue with her starting a fire to burn some old school papers in the wood stove but she didn't open the flue so the house filled with smoke and she didn't call and tell me but got a few fans and turned on the fans in the bathrooms which pulled the smoke into the bedrooms, there was a fine coating of ash on things and it took some time to get all the stuff to burn as I had it loaded beyond what it should have been.

I shared with her a story of when I lived in New Zealand and one of my host families used a wood stove in the kitchen daily. They had just gotten new carpet and I had never used a wood stove. I couldn't find a bucket to pull out the hot ash so I put down a stack of news paper and put that in a bag or something and then emptied the ashes. Well, it was hot enough to burn through and leave a small burn hole or two in their new carpet. I felt horrible. I was trying to help but in the end, I caused damage.

I laughed a bit relating it to her and told her to be nice to her kid sometime when they did something stupid trying to help and in the end, it damaged something. She  laughed at my story and it wasn't an issue but we also had an issue trying to paint some rust spots on her hood. I am not sure what happened but it seems like the paint dried before hitting the car and caused rough spots and I have never had that experience before so I am not sure if it is just the silver paint as I haven't used that color before but every can I tried caused problems and we ended up sanding the hood again to get the roughness out.

She got packed up and seems excited to go and told me it was like "Christmas" as she had a hard time going to bed. I was up all night sewing because of the unexpected issues with the car, flat tires, smoke damage etc.  

I shared with you the issues I am having with my internet. I couldn't upload all day. I tried early in the day thinking it was just worse at night and evenings but nope, it was worse and I even got an error message saying they couldn't upload it as the type of file but really, it is just the internet going on and off thousands of times per second.

I had 180 drafts of my post yesterday and had tons the other day as well. I don't know why the internet is so bad currently but now with princess Five leaving, perhaps getting rid of the house phone and getting a new internet plan will help. Like I have shared before, being in a small town doesn't help my options.  

I haven't had time to look into it with the crazy week I have had may have more free time next week. 

Have a BLESSED Day!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Internet Frustrations Part 2 - Moving to College

I truly am so frustrated with my internet. I don't know why it is so much worse than it has been but the past four days, I have tried to upload the same video three different times and I never get more than 50% uploaded and have even left it running all night trying to upload. Just as I started to write this, I got an "error occurred while trying to save your post." The other night when this happened, I got on and there were over 50 posts of my blog for the next day. Half were saved as drafts and half posted and were scheduled to post. I just got a notice asking me to verify that I am not a robot as I have posted so many posts today. My guess is that I will have over fifty of this same post as I didn't have that notice the other night when I had so many problems posting. I took pictures of the page as it was so frustrating but can't upload them as they are on another SD card and if I take out this one, the 50% I have uploaded for hours will be useless so I am not going to post those. These two photos took me an hour to upload as I wrote and edited this.

I have tried to upload a picture one at a time and then tried four and walking away but I know that there must be water in the line as I just keep getting "error" messages and frozen "thinking" wheels going around and around as things won't upload or even download.

It hasn't been the best day for me anyway as I woke early with a horrible migraine which I worried about as it was so bad. I got up an hour or so later and threw up after taking a sinus pill. I laid down and drank some coke and more pills only to throw up an hour or so later several times and dry heaving. It was awful. I took more pills and coke and listened to a boring show which puts me to sleep so I got an hour or two sleep on and off.

I took more pills with Princess Five rubbing my feet and putting oils on my back and neck. I got up just before 5 p.m. feeling a little better. I went with her to print some pictures for her college dorm and then worked on her car after purchasing some items from Home Depot. I got her back break light fixed on her car as it had a loose connection. I reattached her back trunk liner in with plugs and realized I threw out the other pieces a few weeks back. We sanded her hood with some 400 grit sandpaper as she has some rust spots and got it ready to paint but I think I will call the wrecking yards tomorrow and see if they have any that are functional as this one will continue to peel and looks bad making the car look bad. I fixed a few things getting her ready for school and we framed her pictures we had printed and she is getting excited about going.

I need to get her a few more things but am mostly ready to move her in on Friday.

I got stuff ready for a package for Princess Four in Japan but am not sure which address is current so I emailed the mission secretary. I am getting a headache again so will probably take something before going to bed but it is after 3 a.m. 

The video has been uploading for about 4 1/2 hours and is stuck at 46%. It says it needs another 2 1/2 hours to finish uploading but that is about where it got stuck last night so I doubt it will finish but I will leave it uploading hoping to get it to upload. I have about six videos ready to go but can't upload them. I need to change my internet over. This is ridiculous. I have so much going on right now, I hope my life will calm down soon.

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Making a Scarf Holder

Princess Five asked me several months ago to make her a "scarf holder" to take to college. 

She showed me one she had found online and we talked about the best way to make it. 

I got some plastic canvas and we started cutting it out and measured sizes. We figured she could use different sizes for thinner and thicker scarves and also some slots for leggings, nylons and other similar items. 

I got busy with cutting trees, getting new gutters, being in a play, fighting parasites, family reunions etc and didn't work on it for over a month. 

If you want to do a holder using the plastic canvas, I am sure it would work great but I am super busy and each hole needs to be wrapped. You would need to wrap every side of the inner hole cuts with plastic canvas yarn. 

I did one entire sheet. We were going to stitch it on the plastic coated wire hanger and then we were going to stitch one canvas to the bottom of the first and hang three different sheets with different holes. 

Being busy, I didn't want to finish that so when I found a bag of these wooden curtain rod rings. I thought it would be more simple to just hang these rings from the hanger and make a scarf hanger this way.

The rings already had eyelet hooks screwed into them and it was super easy to bend them just enough to fit the hanger. I laced some plastic canvas yarn around the two hooks on the edges and around the hanger so that they would stay in place.

I then tied the rings together with string and had the metal rings hanging off the bottom. You could actually just screw eyelet hooks into the bottom and top of the rings to attach them to each other. 

Or you wouldn't need to use the metal rings at all. You could just tie the rings onto the hanger with yarn and then tie each of the rings together with yarn and it would still work. Thinking about it, maybe I should have done that. 

You can add rings onto the hanger if you get more scarves and it is super fast and easy. I wish I had figured out how to just tie them on at the beginning as I think if I had used black yarn to tie them on the hanger and tied them all together using the black, it could look cute and would have probably been more secure in the end. Maybe I will redo it before she leaves. 

Princess Five was happy with the hanger and loved having something new to take her scarves to college. We have a hook to hand on the back of her closet door to put the hanger on. It is fun to see her getting excited about heading to school. 

Have a BLESSED Day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Japan - A New Companion and Back To Work

Wow Wow WOW! What a good week it has turned out to be beautiful people! The Lord is just pouring down blessings left and right. Make sure you are closing your umbrellas so you can receive them!

Well this week was one of those weeks where I don't even know where to begin. I guess we will begin with the blessings of Monday.

So last week while emailing, our phone got called by an investigator. Because I was the only person in the companionship who could speak Japanese...

Yes "Cutie", the mission presidents daughter, was my companion if you remember. Haha So I answered but I had NO idea what she was saying. She was using some really difficult Japanese, and explaining her situation, but the choro walked in like probably 10 seconds after I picked up the phone, so they were able to guide me through the call.... Its the little things really :)

So Sister Cutie,  was my companion for about 2  and a half days... oh man. GOOD STUFF!! But  I found out that if needs be, I can speak Japanese. Not well, and I fake my way through most of it, but the gift of tongues is REAL! Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies! I think that is how that quote goes, but it is true. We were able to find a member to go with us to our planned appointment, and I was able to convey, and direct the message. Things were is understood, but it led to an even better lesson than what I was going for. This really is the Lord's work!

I know you are probably all on the edge of your seat waiting to hear
who my new companion is..... IT'S...... SISTER "Sweetie"!!!!!!!!! THE DREAM COMPANION!! SHE IS SO AMAZING!!!!!! And Japanese :) with very little English in her brain. She knows a lot, but we both don't speak the others native language well, so it is a party! She calls me "Shrek" recently, and just other fun things like that.

We laugh NONSTOP! And she does fun dendo. Like going to our investigators beyblade, tops that fight each other, competition, or going to a concert with ayaka. Shout out to my old companion shimai because they had a color guard, which is very rare in Japan. So fun!

I was able to talk and testify to a single mother who is really
struggling with her son. She might be self dropping... aka not letting us come over anymore.... but it just makes me so much more grateful for this gospel, and my family, and how the gospel truly blesses EVERY aspect of my life. It is crazy that things as simple as praying to God are so foreign to people. But that is why I am here serving a mission
:) Love you fam.

I successfully gave a talk.. Oh man. We have English speakers in the ward, and I felt so bad for the sister translating my broken Japanese. But I have been told that I have a talent of getting my message across even though my Japanese isn't correct.... That sounds terrible, but it really is a good thing! We all have different talents people!

We were able to eat, and spend time with Ayaka, and the Stewart family from Utah. Oh my goodness... Anyone who has lived in a different language speaking country can maybe explain this to you, but listening here in Japan is exhausting. Like in English. I don't have to try to listen. It just happens, but in Japanese, I am constantly trying to tie things together, and use context clues to figure things out. And it is just a little hard. BUT God looked down, and said I love you Shimai, and sent me the Stewart family. Be grateful you speak English. It is a HUGE BLESSING!!! I know I give gratitude for it frequently!

So many other fun things, but yes. Life is fun!

Thank you for all the love and support. I have received some emails, and through this transfer, and lots of different things, I have felt a lot of love. You are the best! Even if all you do is read these emails. You deserve a gold star!

I learned a lot about faith this week. Remember that faith can only be in CHRIST. Nothing else. I really have learned that this is true. I hope everyone has a great week! Give gratitude!

福音は真実です! The gospel is true! 愛しています! I love you!

Getting Shabushabu because the Mission Presidents daughter / my comp doesn't like fish! So yum!

Hello. I'll be the next model for old Japanese police uniforms if you need me... Almost as good as a Disney princess!
Beyblade cheer squad.
Free police concerts... Like an orchestra. Not the band.
My companion is SOSOSOSOOSSOSOSOSO good at cooking. Like. Yes.
Proof that color guards exists. Love you Old Comp shimai!
My head was too big. So the hat is a little tall... Just an American thing..
my fave American family. They made origami Hamilton puppets..... And we talked about Scandinavian days. They are my new best friends!

Remember to let your faith grow just like a sunflower. And be a Son Follower!

Monday, August 14, 2017

I Give Up - Internet Frustration

I have been trying to upload a video for over and hour and it is stuck at 8%. I keep getting error messages from my Blog host saying there are errors when trying to save my post. I have tried to upload pictures and nothing will upload. Of course it has been raining and thus, I have no internet. I am going to switch internet companies this week if I can. I am so done with the frustrations of not being able to upload videos and slow internet with bad weather. Sorry about this post. It is very frustrating as I am headed out of town for a Dr. visit early in the morning and I have been dealing with no internet. I hope you have a better day than I am having!

Have a BLESSED Day!

Friday, August 11, 2017

New Companions in Japan

Well well well! I know I emailed on Wednesday, so you may think I don't have too much to say to you, Beautiful People, but let it be known that I have indeed had some crazy things happen in the past few days!!! God is so good. He knows us all so well!

So due to health issues we didn't go out and dendo very hard. We also became informed that it was time for my companion Shimai, my BELOVED companion, to head back to AMERICA!! The good ole USofA!! I am so excited for her! Doing missionary work is hard by itself, but throw some bad health in there, and life just gets crazy! I know from my own health. NOT FUN! But can we just take a minute to appreciate my companion? ..................................................................................................................................

That seems like a good amount of time. Oh my goodness I just love her soooo much! We were able to do some fun things like shopping, and getting Japanese McDonalds, getting some referrals, bearing our testimonies in sacrament, her getting asked to speak, but then the responsibility fell on me because she will be in America. That was a fun one, but I am more than willing to do it! But we have seen so many good things in just these few days. Yesterday she had SOOO many people calling and texting, and visiting to let her know how much they love and appreciate her. It is crazy how some people she didn't really talk to very much, or think she was that important to were DISTRAUGHT when they found out about her leaving. It really is special the connections we get to make with people on the mission. I LOVE my companion!!! Yay!! I have seen so many miracles with her. Our last meal together was homemade tacos.

So as of right now... I don't have a real companion! Due to the situation, I am currently companions with Sister "cutie".. The mission Presidents 17 year old daughter! ha It is so hard calling her Sister as I met her by her first name. But, we became companions last night, and we are spending p day together. Good stuff! Its like being companions with my little sister. She likes dance, and musicals, and all the good stuff in life! We might be companions until tomorrow.. We shall see!! Haha they are trying to work that out. Pray for us. My next companion will need it! 

Here is a fun miracle of the week.
I  made eye contact with the girl on the bench next to us at the park. She was so cute!!! Oh my goodness! I started up a conversation, and then I was talking to them! By myself! They really liked me! I gave them eikaiwa chirashis, flyers, and then  gave them a FFEP pamphlet, Free Family English Program, they wrote their names for me, and later they left and came back ,and then I asked them if they liked origami. They also were telling their teacher person about us right there, so I talked to her for a second. Then we did origami. They taught me how to make a crane. My companion shimai already knew how to do it, but she still followed along! There was another little girl with the two girls this time, who was in awe with us! She couldn't stop staring!  But anyway, she taught us how to fold cranes, and then I tried to teach them how to make mouths, but then a boy came up. He said something. IDK what though. I could tell that they needed to do something, but they kept saying it was ok if they stay... Then the teacher came up, and was like "What are you doing?" So then they left, and we left too, but it was sure a good time!! 

I had a lot of happy moment this week! The church is true. Missions are hard, but they truly bring joy! 

I love you all! 

福音は真実です! The gospel is true! 愛しています! I love you! 

We were given these at a members house. I love ward members!!
Lol. Sorry all of my pictures involve food apparently! Because McDonalds. I had a shrimp burger.
Look. I got these for 310 yen. A pretty good steal of a deal. 
Meet Cutie... I mean my companion... That may or may not be her moms tag!! Haha Man I love missions. And helmets! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Family Reunion Day 4

I am hopefully enjoying time with my beautiful family. Last year we were missing Princess One and her new baby and also Princess Five was at a camp and also had just had her car accident. This year we are missing Princes Four who is serving as a missionary in Japan. I love this picture of her last year enjoying time with Grand Princess one. We moved her home from college the next day. I really will miss having her at the reunion with us but it will be wonderful to see everyone else for a few days! Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Have a BLESSED DAY! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Family Reunion Day 3

I am off hopefully enjoying time with my beautiful family. Here is a picture from last year that I love. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Have a BLESSED DAY!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Family Reunion Day 2

I am off hopefully enjoying time with my beautiful family. Here is a picture from last year that I love. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Have a BLESSED DAY!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Family Reunion Day One

I am off hopefully enjoying time with my beautiful family. Here is a picture from last year that I love. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Have a BLESSED DAY! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cast Party - Watching Highlights on The Big Screen

Our cast party was tonight. I had plans before but they changed so we were able to go and visit with the others from the play.

We had a great time watching highlights of the play on a big "screen" at the producers home. She really did a great job and I know her family gave up their summer supporting her, helping paint sets, performing in the play etc. She was also one of the leads in the play so she really had a tough summer. It was gracious of her to allow the cast to come and eat in their yard and for planning the party as well.

I took a few pictures of the cast enjoying the wonderful food and watching the slideshow. The weather chose to bless us as the sun clouded over and the temperature was perfect.

I took about 98% of the pictures in the slideshow which was nice. I am so blessed to have that Panasonic Lumix camera which takes wonderful pictures so I tried really hard to get a  good picture or two of each cast and crew member during the practices and performance nights.

I forgot I took this video on my phone a week before the play and found it as I was clearing off some pictures from my phone tonight. 

There were so many people in the cast and many families and they would bring their little kids and put on a video for them to watch. The problem was that there were so many really little ones that only a few watched the video and the little ones weren't interested in watching. There were only a few chairs out so there wasn't any place for cast to sit and the little ones were so loud that you really couldn't visit. 
Also, it was probably close to 100 degrees in that room at times. They didn't stick on the air conditioning in that room at any point in all the months of practices and I was surprised that even during the performance nights, they didn't turn on the air conditioning in the halls, green room or dressing rooms for the cast. 

I helped clean up the green room at night sometimes and would find all sorts of messes and the room often smelled like dirty diapers. 

I know it was the first time they have used the new high school and the production was wonderful. They are working out the kinks of the building. I had hoped we could use one of the classrooms to change and maybe have some air-conditioning going on but schools are like little communities and there are always politics involved in those type of things so hopefully they will be able to communicate within the school and community to make the situation a bit more bearable for those participating in future plays.

I have a family reunion next week and don't know that I will be able to post as I have so much going on. 

Have a Blessed Week if I don't get to posting! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Update from Japan - Temple Day

Hello to all of the most beautiful people in the world!!!! I'd even dare say the universe! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying Natsu. Or summer. Haha 

To be honest this week has been rough. I can't put my finger on an exact reason, but I don't really want to, because I am trying really hard to find the positive. Dear Satan. Get thee hence. It is crazy just how much good there is. Even for one of the harder weeks on my mission, I really have had the most fun experiences this week. Like miracles, and the temple! I love the temple.... so much!!!!! It is crazy how even as a missionary I was so spiritually thirsty for the temple. I didn't realize it until I was in the temple, but we all need to be there because it just quenches your spiritual thirst! Please go with a question. You will receive an answer. I went in thinking about happiness and joy, and I learned so much! 

I am also really grateful for emails. My friends missionary group emails, and emails from home were all FULL of exactly what I needed to hear! So thank you everyone for sharing experiences

So this week had some crazy miracles. I will just give you some excerpts from my journal because they would take too long to type in this one hour! Sorry for typos and things, but it is what it is! 

We found a lady who knew the missionaries like 40 years ago, and she said we could come back! 

We went and dendoed a summer festival, it was kind of boring, but that soon changed!!!!!   This old man in a vest saw us told us to sit down, so we sat. Then we watched this AWESOME! Performance of traditional Japanese dance. They had cool long sleeve costumes and stuff. Then the boys took off their sleeve and were showing a lot of back, which was kind of awkward, but then after that they put their clothes back on. So that was cool. Then they removed all their clothes except for their sumo loin cloths.... What!!! Ha it was so awkward!!! We didn't know where to look! And then they started running all around everywhere!

After their dance, We were sitting there watching the cheerleaders dance, and contemplating on how to dendo at matsuris because we don't want to step on any toes. Haha lol, but other people handed us tissues, and some brail stuff. So that was legitness. We were watching the cheerleaders, who happened to dance to a song I danced to, and this boy who we think ran past us in his loin cloth came and talked to us. It was so fun! His name is jump. That is his team name. They all get team names.  So cute!!! Haha He asked if we drank Sake.... n... no we don't drink alcohol.. ha He was so nice, and spoke some English. We talked for a really long time. And he became a really solid potential investigator. Also did I mention that they were dancing barefoot on the dirt, and running on rocks. Anyway. We left because we had an appointment, then came back after. We left, then came back,  then we  ran into this old man and he was talking to us, and then the man next to him starts speaking perfect English!! What a dude!!! He was awesome!! He also knew about our church. Like Jospeh smith and stuff. He had met the male missionaries before in America I think? The first old guy was like "follow me," but we didn't understand, so the English speaking guy helped and we followed them into the event building where all the staff and dancers were coming in and out of. WE were like what even is going on, and the elders were talking to some dudes far away, and they didn't get invited to the party really,,, so we went in, and it was awesome.

But we get in, and they are like who wants a Bento, aka food, there aren't very many, but who wants them, and this old lady was like. YOU WANT THEM I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES!!! AND grabbed us two of the last bentos...Then we got offered like 7 drinks. They were like, "do you want tea?" and we said "no." And they were like, "how about beer?" And we said, "No." "What about sake?" "No thank you." Then, luckily, because the guy next to me speaking English knew our beliefs, he told everyone why we couldn't drink it even though we were twenty and could legally drink.God loves us!!! So then they were like OH no. They don't drink. Lets all go right now and get them drinks!!!!!!! So the English guy got us flavored waters and cc lemon, then the Mitsuya cider guy came over and my companion took one, then one of the men across the table told a dancer to give us a lemonade drink that you stab with a little plastic thing to made the ice cube thing fall down and open the drink. It was really fun, so then we got those.

Later they took our cc lemons and Mitsuya cider away, because nobody needs that much liquid. They took some eikaiwa flyers and said they would look them over and let us know if we could leave some in their building. God is so funny. We got into contact with a lot of those people. All because we did service. Service is real folks. If you need a pick me up. Serve. Also. I was able to communicate with this booth full of deaf people. THANK YOU MY OLD SHIMAI FOR TEACHING ME JAPANESE SIGN LANGUAGE IN MURORAN! The elders came right after I started signing, and they both know some Shiwa too, so we had a party! 
And this miracle. 
We were tempted to not follow our plan of visiting a less active woman because we wanted McDonald's, but we decided to go visit Kitao Shimai. She is sad because her dog died. We talked about Joseph Smith and the restoration a little bit mostly because of the BoM and the first vision. She went upstairs to try and find her Book of Mormon, but she came back with an unopened VHS of old Japanese Church videos. What in the world? She might have asked us to take it back, but we told her we didn't have a VHS player so lol. But she has THE cutest laugh.

Cut to Sunday.
Brother Masuda walks in and says, there is a woman downstairs looking for us. IT WAS KITAO SHIAI!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I sat by her during relief society while my companion shimai went upstairs to translate. I had no idea what she was saying to me, but Hasebe Kyodai  sitting behind us was an angel and befriended her so well! Everyone befriended her during the pot luck after church. Dear everyone. Be a friend to those you don't know at church! It really makes a difference!! 

We saw a miracle while housing. We ran into the elder's investigator's family during the time fhe at the temple was going on. Remember yousukei kun from eikaiwa? Yeah. We also had a card for him that a member gave us that day. It was a lot of following the spirit, but we didn't know we were doing it at the time, but looking back, that is totally what happened! Because if you think about the timing, and just how many apartments are in the city in Japan, and how we just so happened to find the one family that we didn't have any contact info for..... yeah. The church is true... 

The funny of the week. Remember the Disney lady? She gave me some advice...
She told me lots of tips on how to get better for the job at Disney.
Lose weight
Curve my eyebrows.
Practice up dos
Learn Japanese culture
I need to become a Japanese princess, not an American. I will always wear a kimono
I need to move beautifully. And get a parade face.
So that was a good time. She gave me a calendar, and lip balm, and a fan. She is a little crazy because she talks nonstop, and sends us really difficult long messages, but it's all good fun! 

Here is a fun quote from conference in 2015. I have been really focused on Faith and Christ's Atonement. It really is the most precious gift. I love this gospel, and am grateful that I can repent daily...

None of us is perfect, but when we have sinned, President Packer reminded us: “The promise is: ‘Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more’ (D&C 58:42). …
“… The Atonement, which can reclaim each one of us, bears no scars. That means that no matter what we have done or where we have been or how something happened, if we truly repent, He has promised that He would atone. And when He atoned, that settled that. There are so many of us who are thrashing around … with feelings of guilt, not knowing quite how to escape. You escape by accepting the Atonement of Christ, and all that was heartache can turn to beauty and love and eternity."

Find the positives this week!!

福音は真実です! The gospel is true! 愛しています! I love you! 

Explanation of pictures:
Dear Everyone. These are HUGE in japan. If you are a Young mother. You're welcome.

This is a friend. She doesn't like to have her face in photos, but look at the fun stuff! She wore a mixed fashion American/Japanese kimono.. she is fun!
They all got free haircuts I didn't, but they let me jump in the photo anyway!
That stack of plates was full of raw meat that we boiled at the table. Shabushabu for lyfe.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It Is OVER - Highlights Of The Play

The play is over. I am exhausted. Princess Five and I got up today and made about 150 homemade suckers.

We made stars, hearts, flowers and kites as those are all featured in the play. We made flavors that would go along with Mary Poppins. 

In the play, the kids have her spoonful of sugar medicine and get "Strawberry Ice" and so we did that and then we have an "English Toffee" flavor that was a hit. We then got in a hurry as we burned two different batches as we were trying to do so much. 

In the end, we missed a text saying they scheduled cast pictures at 5 and sent the text at 2. I was frustrated that I had asked several times about pictures and I guess they didn't have anyone to take them until today or whoever they had fell through or something as they sent out a text asking if anyone knew of someone to take them earlier today. 

It is sad that Princess Five and I missed those along with others that had things scheduled or missed the information as we did. However, everyone loved the suckers and during the play I took about 500 pictures of the cast and crew to share as I am blessed by Panasonic to have a wonderful camera

I especially had fun working with these two little "Beasts" but truly they are wonderful little actors. They were the first to have their lines down and really, ended up knowing every line in the play as they were on stage for most of the play. Backstage, they would say my lines or the other actors lines. I wish I still had those memorization skills! 

I call them "little beasts" in the play along with some other not so nice things as I played "Katie Nanna" to the kids. They enjoyed "escaping" from me at the park. Tonight was a bit painful as when they took off, I am climbing stairs and somehow I jabbed my broken toe into the stair causing me to stumble a bit getting on stage due to pain but I am so grateful it is healing and I can walk.

My favorite memory I will take from this play is Princess Five standing back stage with her blue hair in the wings ready to go on for "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and she has a large amount of stacked letters in her hand.

She was facing a few girls that were in the wings on the other side of the stage and she started doing a fun little dance and I could see her silhouette and she was having fun! There have been many stressful hours with life lately and even with the play but it was all worth it seeing her dancing so cute in the wings not knowing she was being watched. It was adorable! 

Have a BLESSED Day!