Thursday, November 24, 2016

Not Exactly Thanksgiving Tradition - Fall Cleanout

This is NOT going to be a traditional Thanksgiving for our family. Princess One goes to her in-laws every other year so we get her for either Christmas or Thanksgiving. 
This year is our year for Christmas so we are missing them today. Princess Four has left for her mission so that leaves three of the girls home for the holiday. It has already been a weird day and not very traditional. 

Princess Five is behind in her on-line college class so she spent time studying while the other two girls and I played a game. 

We went shopping for some food and I am not doing a full turkey for the first time in ever on thanksgiving. We bought a turkey breast and I have frozen squash and corn. They didn't want roasted vegetables so we are having carrots and dip while we cook. Mashed potatoes and bottled gravy and some yams. Not doing the salads etc. 
I think part of my problem is that we had a full Thanksgiving meal with Princess Four two weeks ago with just three of us so in my head, I did the "meal." The fact that we have to head to a family event six hours drive on Saturday also makes me not want to have to deal with all the leftovers as I am having my surgery Monday morning. 

With all that, we also aren't doing real "Thanksgiving" activities. The girls cleaned out Princess Five's closet and got rid of about two bags of clothes! Can't say I was disappointment with that as Princess Two has a gift for going through things and consolidating etc. Yahoo for cleaning things out and having help to do it!    

I can give thanks for that! 

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