Monday, November 21, 2016

Hey Soul Sister Don't Want to Miss Tonight

I wanted to share a bit about why dropping off Princess Four was such a long day. We had a very long drive and little sleep for nights but what made it stressful was we had three major things that day. 
Princess Five had her National Honor Society induction for the year immediately after we arrived home and so we quickly changed our clothes and rushed to that event. 

After a long speaker and the "induction" for the new members, we rushed off to another event. 

Princess Five is looking for any scholarships she can get. She wants to apply to be an ambassador at the college that all of her sisters attended. 

We didn't want to miss "college" night as there is a new staffer over the ambassadors and we don't know the new person so we were hoping she would be at the "college" night they were having for the high school.

We rushed out of the NHS meeting and drove over to get in at the college night only to remember we hadn't gotten an official transcript printed off. 
With her non-official transcript, she qualifies for their top scholarship but can't mess up any of her classes this year. If she retakes the ACT and gets a point or two higher, she will be in a better position for fall.   

She has already signed up for the next ACT as she needs one more point to get a higher academic scholarship from the state honors programs. She has qualified for the lesser of the two but we would really like to get the higher amount that just goes directly to the school and she can get it back if she has a scholarship from the school. We talked about what she needed to do and got a list going.  

You can see why it was such a "crazy" day for us. not only all of that, I had sinus issues going on as a storm was coming in. 

Princess Five was sad in the car on our way home from dropping Princess Four off and we were talking, all the sudden she reaches down and turns on the radio and "Hey Soul Sister" by Train was playing and Princess Five burst into tears as that was what the two girls would always say to each other! That was their song! When one would come into the house, the other would say, "Hey soul sister!"  

It was an emotional and busy day and I was glad and sad when it snowed the next morning as I didn't have tons going on, it kinda matched my mood. I spent the day putting together picture frames for the girls for Christmas. Perhaps I will blog about that another day but all of the girls are getting something "photo" related for Christmas. 

It felt VERY good to get something off my "to do" list again. I am trying each day to do one thing that has been on my "list" for awhile. I may not get it finished but I am getting it started so that is good. I have so many things started that getting something finished and off the list is such a relief to me. I spent a few hours editing my mothers memoirs and have another meeting with the editor again today as well as several hour last Friday. I have 120 pages to go but still need to scan some pictures and find a few in the archives to replace some they had used not knowing I had a better one in my scans for the spot. 

I will be so happy when I can get my mom's stuff off my list but truly I think I have another 10 years of "stuff" to sort, organize, scan and give away. 

I hope I don't do this to my kids. One thing off the list at a time.....

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