Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Proper Way To Eat Sushi - YUM

We had our family together this past weekend for the last time for the next 18 months as Princess Four is leaving for Japan to serve as a missionary in less than two weeks. 
I really have been so busy I can't think about it much. I have had some issues in my yard which I may or may not post about later but between those and family things and my own health things, it has been super busy. 

With all that, this past weekend was just what I needed. I got to get a grandchild fix, spend time with some of my girls I don't get to see very often, and we had Sushi THREE times last week. 

I can't lie and say I wasn't relieved when everyone left as I was EXHAUSTED for many reasons, but I am always sad to see them leave. 

I have shared some of my health issues and I stopped taking any medication of any kind including my thyroid medication and I am one tired mama! 

Grand-Princess One is such a cutie! She took all the throw pillows from the entire upstairs and stuck them under the dining room table making herself a fort. 

We all couldn't get enough of her cuteness and all enjoyed getting baby holding time with Grand-Princess One. The weird thing is, he weighs about what she weighs! He is so solid and Princess four kept telling me her left arm was stiff and sore and we finally figured out it was from holding him! We both had a good laugh about that but she said her arm was shaking towards the end so I explained that your muscles grow with the baby so it isn't like jumping in mid heavyweight when you have your own.

When they left, I would smile when I would find stuffed animals from the basement in the baby swing or a Halloween hand under the end tables etc. There are always those lingering reminders of her stay which bring smiles to those of us around when we find them.

Princess Three stayed an extra day and we got to play games and have a sushi lunch with Princess Five. The word "Sushi" means "with rice" and Princess Four is gearing up for her time in Japan by purchasing it for us a few other times this week as we all love sushi.  
Princess Three taught us that after your break apart your "chop sticks" you need to roll them together in your hands back and forth like you would to make a playdough worm to get any slivers or splinters of wood off them. 
I thought she was just making it up but wouldn't you know that when we looked on the table, there were splinters of wood and she said her Asian friends taught her that.  

There you have it, there is a proper way to eat sushi with chop sticks and that is to break them apart, roll them together getting splinters off and then enjoy it with family and friends!

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