Friday, August 12, 2016

Good and Bad News - No Surgery..... Yet

Princess Five met with the ortho doctor today. Her arm is still quite useless and hurts and you can see the bruising still on her elbow. 

She is trying to have better posture and sitting on the edge of the table makes her hunch over so she laid on the table and she said, "I don't want to have surgery." 

I've said all along to her that "God is in charge" and we were discussing that when she looked at her phone and laughed. She said, "It is 11:11 on the 11th. 

I told her that we needed to "trust that everything will work out OK." Just about then, the Dr. came in and looked at the MRI.

He read the report while we were in the room with him. When he saw her MRI he made several exaggerated comments when he saw the scans of her shoulder. He was surprised at how much bruising was on the bone.  

We read the report and there were lots of tears and inflammation. I was sure they would do surgery but the Dr. said that due to the bone bruising, they can't do surgery.

He said bone bruising is due to many tiny fractures and when there is that much bruising, it is impossible to do surgery as the bone is like putty and they suture the tears in the rotator cuff to the bone and since the bone is shattered with many minute fractures, the sutures won't hold and there is no point doing the surgery. 

He said that even if they did surgery, it would take months to a year to heal fully but with the bone bruising, since we can't do the surgery, he said with therapy and time, it may heal on it's own. 

He suggested therapy twice a week and he will see us in a month. We got home and I asked Princess if we could say a prayer for guidance as to how to best help her shoulder heal. I said a prayer and some products and Vitamin C came into my mind. I shared with her the thing I thought of and then she looked at her phone and it was 1:11 on the 11th. I took a picture of both times that happened today as I do feel God is guiding us as to the best way to help her heal. 
After that we talked to Princess One and she suggested Dr. Christopher's "Bone and Tissue" formula so I went and purchased some of that and they had a balm called the same with Comfrey in it the store owner recommended that he had used so I purchased that. We have used a comfrey balm in the past to help heal Princess Fours pressure cooker burn and a burn on my hand and it did wonders. 

I ran into another friend and she suggested comfrey without me saying anything so I felt that with two different people suggesting it, our prayer was being answered.

The Dr. said she may need surgery in six months but I am confident that we can help her heal so that she won't have to have surgery. She just needs to be valiant at taking the pills, working the arm, and applying the oils and salve. 

I told my sister later about the 11:11 and 1:11 and she said that at 1:11, she said to her daughter, "It is 1:11....." and said my name. Her daughter acted confused and then she said, "Oh, sorry." as she realized she had called her daughter by my name. It was so weird. 

God is in charge and I ask you to continue to pray that Princess Five's shoulder heals quickly so she can dance this year as it is a big thing in her life. So, it was a good and a bad kinda day. 

On a good note, I fixed my gutters on the house, filled in the gopher holes in the window well and fixed the front sprinkler head that only shot in one direction. I have to celebrate the little things as there are so many other things I can't control or celebrate at the moment!      

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