Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Best Fourth Of July EVER!!!! - LOVE Being a Grandma

I feel SO sorry for people who have chosen to not have children for whatever reason. I feel even more sorry for those that want children and aren't able to have them. However, I feel sorriest for those that have children and their children, for whatever reason, choose not to have children. 
Being a grandma is the BEST thing in my world!!!! I LOVE IT! There truly isn't anything else to say on the subject. I love taking them potty, I love changing diapers, but I LOVE even more that I can NOT choose to do those harder things! I get all the hugs and loves and book reading I want. I get tickles and neck eating and kisses on the cheek anytime I ask! 

I get to act silly at the supermarket and no one thinks I am "crazy" and actually smile and laugh when I get to play tickle bug to keep her entertained in the cart. I get to buy things to spoil them! I get to make crafts with them. I get to sing as I cuddle them and rock them.  

I realized today that I am a master at diversion. I had a lady at the store hand her a sucker which I knew would end up sticky all over her and the car seat so I pulled out my healthy granola bar and quickly changed them out before she even knew she had lost something sticky and sweet. 

I also realized that if I asked her to go potty, she would fuss but if I said "grandma" needs to go potty or Princess five "needs" to go potty, she would want to be like us so we had no problem getting her to use the bathroom at all after one or two tries last night before I figured out the "game." 

I got to see my dear friend who is a "doula" and actually helped with Grand Princess One's birth but due to it being the fourth and her working the night before, she missed the birth (as did I) but we got to visit for a minute before she had to head home to be with her family before bed. 
Princess One had much of a shorter labor but the birth was traumatic again which isn't the best for her but at least it wasn't three days. 

Grand Prince One weighed in at 9 lbs 3.8 oz! Princess One isn't a big girl and I refer to my post a few weeks back so you can see she was ALL baby. 
He is 21 inches long but his feet are so long. His dad is over six feet tall but only has 10 1/2 shoe size but his tall brothers have 14's or so. My guess is he is going to be tall with big feet. 

This picture with Princess One on the bed with both children and her smiling is one of my favorites from the past few days as it is such a sweet smile. She is in so much pain yet she LOVES those little ones so much. 

She lost a liter of blood and almost had a transfusion. She had four different rips and I haven't heard one complaint other than asking for some help up as she passed out on the bed the first time they got her up. 

I am so proud of her. She is such a trooper having another child after such a hard labor the first time and then to have so much trauma a second time. She did warn them that she bled lots the first time and after this time, I think they should have her type and cross matched for blood if she chooses to have more children as she hasn't had the best luck on the bleeding side. 
I played "hide and seek" with grand princess one in the hospital room and she was very creative on where she found to hide. But, like I said, I am a master of diversion. 

While we were getting groceries tonight so I can do meals for the week, Princess Five told me, "You are a cute grandma!" I processed that and realized she has never seen me as a mom as she is the youngest and you don't remember all those type things when you get older. 

The older children saw me make everything into a game but she never did. I am glad she was able to come with me as she has been a great help and also so she can see what it is like to have a baby at the hospital and to see me with the grand baby as she never has as when we are all together, we each only get a few minutes with her. 

We are SO blessed that everyone is healthy and doing well. I look forward to getting to know Grand Princes One better. What a blessing grandchildren are in my world! I look forward to having more!

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