Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wear Your Seat Belt - Scare Your Kids

Truly, if I could erase this year from my life, I think I would do it. I want a do-over! Did you ever play that game as a child where you would say, "Do over!"?

Today was EXTREMELY draining for me. I was going to post about the accident, or the hospital, or the car, or where she had her accident. It is 4:30 a.m. and we spent the day driving to the tow company, $400 dollars later (since I don't want to claim it on my insurance) they charged me $320 for towing the car 5 miles! $80 storage fee for less than 48 hours. Then, they made us wait in the 100 degree heat for the owner to tell us how much it was to get our car out for an hour!!! No air-conditioning or swamp cooler. I was BEET red and dripping by the time we left. We were out of water, sweaty and VERY frustrated by the time we left.

However, that was all overshadowed by the stop at the accident scene! I will share a video and pictures about that another day as I am truly emotionally and physically exhausted and the weight of her pain, worry for her shoulder she is unable to move, the medical cost, loss of car, getting her sister ready for her mission and still having all my mom's estate stuff and other things for her I am working on......

I just want to gather my family around me and take a beach filled vacation where I don't have to drive anywhere, pack anything for anyone, buy food and plan menu's, and just sleep for days! I am fully aware that is NOT going to happen so I think I would settle for one nights sleep where finances, health issues, family issues or a headache didn't interrupt my slumber!

I shared with Princess Five that I thought she should share a video of how wearing her seat belt saved her life in hopes it would inspire her friends and others to wear theirs. When we stopped at the accident scene today, I was hiking the distance to the crash site and I guess they made this lovely vine to suggest that others wear their seat belt.

I didn't see it until late this evening after her visitors had left and I had rubbed some lavender, frankincense and wintergreen oils on her shoulder, back and neck, situated her in bed, washed three loads of sage, glass and dirt filled bags, clothes and guitar cases and put away all the items we recovered from the car crash.

Hopefully the video will inspire at least one person to wear their seat-belt. The first pictures are her eye at the ER. The second is 24 hours after the accident and the third is 48 hours after the accident.

I am SO grateful that she still has eyes to see along with all her other body parts. She still can't move her shoulder and I am a bit worried about her eyes as she is already quite blind so I will call tomorrow on getting someone to check them.

I am SO grateful to have her sweet gentle being home and safe and I felt physically sick walking the trail of her car today as the further I got from the road, the more I knew she really shouldn't have survived! God in his greatness gave me the best blessing any mother could ask for! I am blessed! 

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