Friday, September 2, 2016


I have a tooth that has bothered me for over 12 years. It has had four crowns and I will be getting another in a few weeks. I have been living with a metal temporary one for over a year now and my gums have been irritated since he put it on and receded tons as well as it not fitting and my teeth shifted.  He seems to think that perhaps the first crown was metal under the porcelain and caused irritation and then we went from there. Of course I am sensitive anyway as I have had reactions to several white fillings and several crowns. 

I went to the dentist today and had him prep my tooth for a crown. It was a VERY long day. When I got home I worked all night on cleaning the garage looking for bins of Princess One's stuff and lids for the buckets she wanted and her toys, her "wizard of oz" stuff and all sorts of things. We moved all the stuff in Princess Two's room out and put it in a yardsale pile and I pray I can sell it all. 

I went to my sisters and borrowed their suburban, then to a neighbors and borrowed their trailer and cleaned out my freezer so I could give it to her and had to clean the garage to get it out and on and on taking down the bunk beds etc. My house is such a nightmare! I really hope I can get it cleaned out by next weekend as I have one of my New Zealand host families coming to stay. 

I need to shower, wash laundry, clean off the SD cards and pack the trailer with all the stuff and be ready to leave by 2! It is 7:30 a.m. and I haven't slept and my mouth is throbbing and I have taken LOTS of pills today for my very sore tooth! 

It hasn't been my best day.... Found some flooding while moving stuff, my roof is leaking around the vents but my roof wasn't done that long ago so I am not happy to see my ceiling falling in and baseboards pulling away from the wall, nails coming through the drywall etc. It truly has been a LONG year! Say a prayer that I can travel there and back safely with a trailer!  

I am not sure I will be posting on Monday. If not, please forgive me and enjoy your holiday.....

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