Monday, May 8, 2017

Japanese Dance Music Miracle - My Mother is Working her Magic

I spent lots of time working on transferring tapes and reels over to digital files today. I took a walk with Princess Five after a few hours as I needed out of the house as staring at the screens and listening so intently to three machines at a time, it gets frustrating and I needed to enjoy the spring weather.

I finished up playing some games and spending time with Princess Five as I never want to do my mom's stuff when I can spend time with her. After she went to bed, I went back in to work on the tapes. I got working on one tape which took me hours to do as it had a program on it that my mother wrote, produced and directed and many of the songs were our family favorites.

You could hear my mother singing and teaching the children the songs and I am fairly sure I could hear my oldest brother singing as I have been listening to my siblings younger voices for a month now on these tapes. I have listened so much that parts of my memory are coming back and this weekend my sister was standing behind me and laughed and I flipped around as it was my mothers laugh. Her voice changed after an accident and some surgery so I hadn't heard her "young" laugh since I was young so it has been wonderful to hear that laugh but I hadn't ever realized my younger sister has that same laugh.

I was working on this super long tape and there was a Japanese Dancing song and I thought it was kinda pretty so I thought Princess Four being in Japan for another year as a missionary may enjoy hearing it when she returns and could put it on as the music over a slide show of all her cute pictures for her homecoming celebration or something.

So, I am recording that song off this super long reel with four tracks on it. My mother also jumped around on the speed realizing she could make it last longer, she had it on slow play. While I am recording over the reels, I also preview and record cassettes. I have 1000 or so cassettes to go through and my mother had the worlds worst writing so reading what she writes on the tapes is hard but also, many are damaged, faded, or missing all together so the tapes are a bit of a mystery so you really never know what you are getting until you listen to the tapes.

With that, I put my hand in the bucket, pulled out a tape and it happened  to be a fashion show that my mother donated her costumes for and wrote the scripts and got the outfits and music for each country all free of charge. She loved doing that type of thing. I have transferred over about 5 programs that she wrote, produced, directed and performed in and haven't even touched the tapes yet so that should let you know how much my mother loved that type of thing.

The tape I grabbed is the one at the top. You can clearly see it doesn't say anything about Japanese music. It says "Fashion Show" if you can decipher my mothers scrawl and see through the water damage and fading of the ink. There is no way I could have known that when I put on the new cassette while I was recording over the Japanese music that the first music in the fashion show before the girls came out was the EXACT same song I was recording!

I had the exact same song on both computers being recorded at the exact same time! I was really freaked out as the odds of me picking up that exact tape out of 1000 at the same time I found the other song on a reel to reel tape out of the few hundred I have done is amazing to me!
I am guessing my mother had something to do with that! She must have liked that song! It was weird it was even on that program reel as all the songs in the program where westerny and that one for sure isn't western!

I also saw lots of 111's while working today. I think my mother is trying to let me know I am doing "OK" as I try to not feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I still have to do. I always see 111, so much so, I have a lots of posts about it. Click here to see my first post about it.

I am super tired and need some sleep but I hope you have a BLESSED Day! 

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