Friday, May 12, 2017

Little Victorian Settee for the Grand-Children From Great-Grandma

My mother had two little Victorian settee sets at her house for many year that the children enjoyed sitting on. My youngest sister got this little set when we moved my mother into an assisted living apartment about ten years ago.

When we cleaned out my mothers apartment a year ago after she passed a way,there was a little burgundy Victorian set that is more of a traditional set with the one large rounded back.

I was so tired and busy cleaning out my mothers apartment that I didn't make a "list" of items I wanted but had my kids make one. I took my turns choosing items for my children.

One of my siblings picked the little Victorian couch which was an exact miniature of the couches we had growing up. Since I didn't make a list, I couldn't remember what was behind the couches or stacked in other rooms.

I was super sad about not having a list as there was a few things I really would have liked but I only had a few hours sleep that week and one sister and I stuck everything out as the other siblings were busy with their families.

When I voiced that I really would have liked that couch, my younger sister told me that she had this other set I could have as long as she could borrow it for pictures. I told her how much I appreciated that.

This week, I was at her place helping with her daughters wedding and got to bring the little set home. She had it out in their work shop so it was super dirty. I was surprised at how many hours it took me to get the dust out of all the carving.

I used "Old English" furniture polish and after first vacuuming off the seats, I then wiped them down with a damp cloth to get much of the dust off and then I polished the wood.

I would warn you that when doing anything that has fabric on it, the "Old English" polish will stain any fabric so be aware to avoid making contact with the fabric or even getting close to the fabric.

I took off the seat chair which made it easier to polish the chair but the couch is permanent so I took a damp cloth and cleaned a few spots on the fabric and used a clean damp paper towel to run around the edges of the wood near the fabric avoiding putting any polish near the fabric just in case.

I hope we can get some cute pictures of the grandkids on the little "great-grandma Furniture!"

Have a Blessed Day!

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