Monday, May 22, 2017

Masquerade Ball - Fun Way to End the Year

Princess Five had a fun 4-H event this week. It was something new that they had never tried before but it was a hit.

They had a Masquerade ball for an end of the year social.  They made it look like a mini Jr. Prom draping lights, crepe, etc to a large pole in the center of the room and used curtains like they do for convention  to separate the booths to corner off a section to decorate so the dance floor was a bit more intimate than would have been in a  large room.

The kids who could went a few weeks in advance and decorated "masks" for other to purchase for the ball. They made around $300 for activities by selling the masks and Princess Five had fun making and decorating the masks. She wanted to have decorations on her face if she took her mask off so we took a larger body art tattoo and cut it into smaller tattoos so she could decorate her face.

Her dress was light so she wanted to have one that matched so it wasn't super dark but it was still fun and she really enjoyed her night. It was a fun way for her to end her year. I am glad it was on a night where she didn't have other commitments.

You can see by her smile, she enjoyed dressing up and having a formal way to end the year. I am going to miss this beauty in a few months. I have to keep telling myself that I am happy to be done but truly, I know it is going to be hard not having anyone home to visit with. A new phase of life for sure.

I am so grateful for 4H and the friends who have included her in their world taking her places I couldn't have. We are so blessed to have people willing to put the time and effort into making such fun activities!


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