Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tulips From Mom's Rose Garden

 Last year, my mother died around this time. Her funeral was near my childhood home. After decorating for the funeral, I rushed back to where I was staying to change and get ready for the funeral.

As I was driving, I passed the lot of the house where I grew up. The house burned down a few years back and we had to have everything removed due to asbestos. There was just an empty lot for the past 8 years or so.

When driving past, I saw red flowers towards the back of the lot and a few other flowers in the lot. I stopped and cut some of the flowers to take to the funeral as she LOVED that garden. Our family had no insurance on the house when it burned as we were getting ready to sell it, so we had to pay out of pocket for the removal and taxes on the lot. We were  about to lose utility rights on the lot so we decided to sell it. It closed in the past month.

I was visiting family that lives near where we grew up and thought it would be great to dig up those tulips that have been in that garden for as long as I have been alive.

It came into my mind the night before I left and in the morning, I was about to drive off and remembered thinking about taking a shovel the night before. I grabbed one and then I headed off.

After the visit, I was super tired having only a few hours sleep the night before and having a long drive, I almost didn't stop but figured it would be worth it as it was only a mile or two from my brothers. I found when I pulled up, there were red tulips toward the back of the lot. I chose to dig them up as I knew they would be building on the lot soon.

I visited with a neighbor as I was digging them up and got a good sized grocery sack full of tulips and when I got home, I put them into a few buckets with water to keep them moist until I could plant them.

I took some time to plant them today. I hope they all come up next year as a wonderful reminder of my mother and her love of flowers and gardens which she got from her grandmother who was a serious gardener.

I am so grateful for my mothers love of flowers as she gave me a love of them as well. Have a BLESSED Day! 

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