Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Awards Assembly and Senior Ball

I feel like I have failed Princess Five in so many ways this year. I missed the deadline for Senior Tributes. We were having company when I got the letter and I put it up with some other papers to clean off the counter figuring I would do it after they left and I have never seen it since. I think it was also around the time my computer crashed so I had no internet / computer pictures handy.

Her award ceremony was today and I thought it was Wednesday morning. I scheduled a Dr. apt over a month ago only to realize after missing the awards assembly that I was at the Dr. during that. I got her a yearbook through a friend who works there as it is cheaper that way and there was an issue with a special needs girl wanting it or something so she didn't get her yearbook until today after the Seniors aren't at school anymore so she wasn't able to get many friends to sign it.

I am not sure what is going on but it kinda just seems to be how the year went. Lots of things that should have been weren't. She didn't even tell me about the year book mess up for a few days as I think she didn't want me to feel worse than I already do. I was glad to see it on the counter when I got home from a long day at the hospital but I am seriously so tired I had to take a nap today.

I ran into her surgeon and spoke to him about her arm as she still has a problem putting it on her hip. He suggested we get some x-rays to make sure everything healed properly. She thinks it is fine but I want to make sure before she heads to college as she wouldn't be able to have surgery at that point without messing up schooling so I think I am going to take her in in a few weeks just to make sure.

She was only one in Six to get  the blue and red tassel / ropes for graduation. You have to participate in extra curricular every year for each season or something. She also got a (what used to be bronze) cat but is now ceramic painted cat for lettering in academics for all four years. She got a key chain and certificate for being music Sterling Scholar. She received several other certificates for merit etc.

I truly am sad I missed it. I was invited to the other girls assemblies but we now have a new principle who hasn't mastered that type of thing. Princess was excited to attend the senior ball and got dressed up and came home awhile later with a friend to watch movies as they didn't use the school for the ball but went to a public gym and couldn't get the sound system working. They didn't have things planned and kids just ended up leaving as there wasn't anything to do and they said that they wished they could do it at the school tomorrow but their is a sports banquet. Things like this have been the norm and I am sad that what should be a great memory for her is just another movie night.

I know when I went to Princess Fours awards assembly I was so upset as they didn't recognize her as the Student Body President. Her sister was given a $25 gift card to a local restaurant, a school blanket and a thank you note from the principle two years earlier when she had been STBP. I was worried they wouldn't do anything so I called several times asking if they were going to do something as I knew they had a new principle and wanted to make sure she was thanked so she wouldn't feel like she was unappreciated and was assured they would. That day, no thank you, no gift, not even a mention. I think I am just done with the small town politics that have gone on in the past few years and how many of the best teachers have retired or moved to other districts.

I shouldn't have let myself miss those things for Princess Five and have apologized many times for my lack of focus recently where that is concerned. I am TRULY grateful for all the amazing teachers my kids have had over the years here and have been sad to see them each retire or move away. I can say though that I am SO happy to be done with all the busy activities. I am so tired, even with a nap today, that I just have wanted to go to bed since about 7 p.m. and have fallen asleep many times at the computer since starting this post.

She gets the rest of her ropes for scholastics at graduation practice this week and by this weekend, I will no longer have a child in the public education system! I have told my children this before, but if I could do it again, I would have had my children closer together so that I wouldn't have had so many kids spread out over the different schools. Several times, I had five children in five different schools. I am grateful for each girl and all they have accomplished! What a blessing they are to my life! I am looking forward to a new phase of life but am going to miss my Princesses daily.

Have a BLESSED Day!

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