Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Six Treats in the Mail - Lays Days

Lays sure knew how to make my day! Princess Five came in opening an envelope and said we got six "sparkly coupons!

I had a HORRIBLE migraine all night and didn't get much sleep and couldn't bring myself to do much today. I was supposed to turn my sprinklers on but that didn't happen! Instead, I worked on my mom's stuff transferring over audio all day for nearly 12 hours. I did take a dinner break and played a few games with Princess Five where she totally wiped me in every game. I didn't come close to winning any of the several games we played. She has always been good at games and is super lucky at winning things as well!

I am SO grateful for medication that helps control the headaches a bit. It took a liter of Coke and several pain pills and a psudaphed but it finally calmed down near dusk. I truly don't know how they did it in pioneer times as I am really useless on bad days.

The coupons bring a smile as we did get to use the extra salty chips but my hands and feet started swelling so I think we will make sure we purchase from a different warehouse the next batch.

I pray that I have a better day tomorrow and that I can get my sprinklers set up and working. My lawn doesn't look happy and all the neighbors have had theirs going for nearly a month. I guess part of my slowness is that I really don't want to deal with the mowing and edging that goes with watering!

I am so grateful I have a lawn and a sprinkling system and a lawn mower and everything else! Here is a link to the post about the Lays call last week if you missed it, this is where the coupons came from!

Have a BLESSED Day!

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