Friday, May 5, 2017

Axe Of Murder - One Act Play - Placing At Region

Princess Five had a last this week. She performed her last time on the high school stage.

She was in the one act for the drama competitions. I was frustrated that the group never did the play for public before the competitions. I was hoping they would allow us to watch the play before the competitions so we could give suggestions.

They chose to go to drama competitions. They didn't have a full slate at region so they had points taken off but even with that they took third place at region.

Princess had the first line in the play and was on stage 90% of the time which was fun for me.

I took lots of pictures and tried to get video but my cameras aren't working well and the sound is so bad it didn't work.

The kids did such a cute job on this murder mystery and it was fun to watch. I was somewhat sad that it will be the last time I will be in that spot watching my daughter acting.

It was a bitter sweet moment as I am so glad she is graduating but I am sad I won't be seeing her acting on the stage there anymore.

It was also fun seeing her working with some of her best friends in high school. Some of her friends have been there since birth and it was fun to get some pictures of their last time on stage.

One of her friends moved in during Jr. High and they have been super close the last few years. I was finally able to meet his mother that night. She thanked me for having such a wonderful daughter that has been such a good friend to her son.

I shared with her that my older girls didn't drive until they were nearly out of high school so her driving her son around through high school was a great way to pay it forward for all those who graciously gave rides to my girls. 

As the year is winding down, it is a happy sad. You can see that she is smiling but I know that she is feeling sad that she is leaving the stage behind for now. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see her on Broadway someday!?

Have a BLESSED Day!

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