Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day in Japan - Princess Four

It has already been a week? How time flies when you're serving the Lord! I hope all of you beautiful people were working hard this week. Repenting hard, and serving hard, and just living this life to the fullest! I hope everyone had a good Memorial weekend with their families! 

So just FYI, my new companion is amazing.... Like... I am very impressed by her every second of the day. She likes to teach people rather than just doing things herself, so I am learning a lot! This transfer call was kind of unexpected...  I was expecting to transfer, and have my companion shimai stay because she knows so much, but I know that God knows what he is doing. I didn't really learn very much about the area before due to me not being the best missionary I could be.

Not being able to communicate very well with my companion and being transfer 3 could be taken into account, but I should have tried a little bit harder.... BUT you live and you learn! That's what repentance is for folks. We had a long weekly planning session. Luckily I remembered more than I thought I knew. God has helped me a lot with trying to explain everything to my new companion. She has said multiple times how much she already loves this area, so that is awesome, and really the timing was perfect. This transfer is only three weeks long but its perfect... You wanna know why???

BECAUSE WE WERE ABLE TO TEACH AYAKA CHAN A LESSON, AND SHE IS LIKE PERFECT, AND SHE CAME TO SACRAMEMNT MEETING AGAIN, AND WE MET HER MOM AT A PING PONG NIGHT THAT I SET UP ON ACCIDENT. So funny story. We only have ping pong nights every 1st and 3rd week, but we didnt really go last transfer due to not many people showing up, so the elders took care of it, so I didn't know we weren't having it, so invited ayaka chan to come, and she said ok. We were planning on meeting her mom at her apartment on Saturday, but she had to work, but she was able to come to the accidental ping pong night.

Turns out her mother speaks perfect English. She went to school in Cali for a year. But we just became good friends and laughed. She told us she needed to leave, and on the way out the door she says, "Take care of my daughter!" So yay to parental permission!!!! NOT BEING ABLE TO SPEAK PERFECT JAPANESE IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE!!! Sorry there is so much capitalization. This week was just awesome!! My new companion really couldn't have transferred in at a better time. Life is just good people. I really hope we will be able to ask ayaka chan if she will be baptized soon... don't worry. I'll keep you posted. Haha

We also have an American family moving into the ward. So that was like another weird perfect timing thing. The oldest daughters name is Aubrey.... So we are destined to be friends!! We were goached last night, and they invited the dad of the family who is here preparing things for his family. Lets just say this ward is super amazing! 

I just asked myself what else happened this week...Then i remembered..... OAKS CHORO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to hear from/shake hands with an apostle of the Lord. My mission presidents spoke first, and I cried through the whole thing. We are all imperfect, but God loves us so much anyway. I may not speak Japanese, but that doesn't matter. I have the light of Christ, and you don't have to speak to make that known. I was also able to sit next to my dendo mom during it. It was perfect. We sat front row. Half of the row was empty, so he made a lot of eye contact with us! I testify that he is an apostle of the Lord. It was a really special experience! 

Other happy miracles:
I am in the same district with (someone I knew in the mtc) choro again! He is one transfer older than me, but we were both beans in japan. I keep telling him how His English has gotten so much better, and he has said a few times how my Japanese has gotten better.
I spoke in the lessons this week!!! I was always scared to talk last Transfer because I had no clue what was being said, but I was brave, and I did it! 

Our Ward mission leader said that my prayer surprised him because the Japanese was so good..... He asks me to pray like every week, so that was a big compliment... And then my companion said she was going to say the same thing right after he complimented me... The gift of toungues is real! Then he complimented my big smile.. Why are Japanese people so nice!?

An investigator asked to talk to me on the phone! She thought I could speak Japanese, and she remembered me!! Old people here call me ah chan because my name is too hard.. ha 
We ended up talking about Patriaichal blessings to our eikaiwa students and they were super interested... so maybe they will get baptized some day so that they can get special blessings too! 

Lots more things happened probably, but that's all for now folks! I love you all!!! 

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