Thursday, May 25, 2017

CT and IV Day at the Hospital

The last two days have been a bit long for me. I usually am able to catch up on some sleep in the mornings if I have a bad night.

Even though I am in bed at night, I can't always get to sleep depending on the parasite activity and if I drank a Coke in the evening, stress levels etc.

I had an early morning Dr.'s visit yesterday morning and it turned into over half a day of visiting with him and once again I was let loose with a student. Over an hour I shared my story with him. He was great and interested but it is frustrating to me to have to retell it over and over when I am tired.

I am SO grateful that my Dr. will listen to me though and that he is willing to try different things. I have been blessed that he was willing to take new patients and allow me to see him and then that he believed me about the parasites and sent them in over and over until they were able to diagnose them.

He did more labs yesterday looking at my pancreas as my liver tests seem fine but my eyes are still super yellow.

I then had a CT scan of my lungs as the x-rays show about the same thing as over a year ago but my damage is worse with the pulmonary function test so he wanted to see what we could see with a cat scan.

I then got some high dose vitamin C as I woke one morning and felt that I needed them and they may help me. I called the Dr. at that point as it was about the time I had pneumonia and I had a rude "hater" on youtube tell me that I was crazy which isn't all that strange or new but as I was looking at that comment on one of my videos, I had a guy post that he thought I had a fungus directly under my skin which is causing the white splinters with the peroxide soaks. I don't know that I don't have a fungus under the skin but I KNOW that I have the parasite there.

His suggestion for Vitamin C was 5 grms for three times every 30 minutes IV push. I shared my thought about it with the Dr. and then that I found this post and figured it can't hurt and you can't overdose on it so why not. He was a bit worried about it as it isn't a common thing but was willing to try one dose.

After the CT scan, I had the one dose. I have to share that about halfway through the dose, I felt "something" but can't really say what it was. I just felt better and looked up to see how much had gone in. I was a bit dehydrated as it was late afternoon and I had been fasting for the contrast with the CT scan so maybe it was that but about half of the bag was in and I did feel a bit better. He didn't want to "push" it and put it in 500 ml saline which I can also understand as it would be easier on the veins.

I was good until a few hours ago when I got super tired. I kinda wish I could have gotten all three doses to really see if it did anything dramatic but I will continue taking it orally as I started taking it when I had that thought a month or so ago. I had to purchase some as I was out.

The CT scan did find "nodules" and some issues in the left lower lobe not functioning which is where I feel the burning upon rest for years now. I  know there is damage due to the x-rays and the pulmonary function tests but this also confirms that. One more confirmation test. This parasite is exactly like hook and thread worm burrowing through into the left lung in the first morph of life.

I wish there were other tests to confirm the second phase but the hydrogen peroxide shows it in the lymph. We have pictures of it in the third (worm) phase so really, if I could find a better way to confirm it in the lymph, it would be great.

I have taken a few naps now while writing this and really need to be in bed. Long days at the hospital but I am SO grateful that my issues are not debilitating and I can still walk and function. I am praying we can figure this out before I need oxygen all the time. I truly am sad that it may take away so many options of activities. Please keep praying that we can find ways to cure this and get it diagnosed for those who don't know what their issue is horsehair nematomorpha parasites.

Have a BLESSED Day!

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