Thursday, May 11, 2017

Home Made Lincoln Logs - Who Knew

Over the past few years, since Princess One had her first child, she has asked me to look for a set of Lincoln Logs for their family when I was shopping at second hand stores as new sets can get pricy.

I found her a few sets but it is interesting how the sets have changed color over the years and different sets hosted different colors.

Frankly, I didn't even remember that there were other sets as my family didn't own any that I can remember but we did play with them at others homes. I do remember having tinker toys and Legos, both of which are super fun but Lincoln logs were somewhat boring to me as you would have to have LOTS of sets to do much other than making the one house on the front.

I do know families that did have LOTS of sets and that made it all the more fun as you could then make a town and add in some animals to the mix.

Prince One being an engineer, loves to build things. This toy would be a great thing for their family along with the block sets Princess One asked for early on as well. Combining the several sets they now have would make for some fun. I was able to find her three sets I think over a year or two.

Recently, I found this ranger set at a second hand store for $5. It did have different color logs in the set so I think it was at one point mixed in with a few other sets. I did see several bags at the same second hand store that week but they were quite pricy and didn't have a container so I passed on them but I am guessing that all the sets came from one home.  

A few days later, There was a huge bag of home cut blocks and odd wooden items but I noticed that there was what looked like a set of Lincoln type logs in the bag.

It wasn't very expensive so I purchased the entire bag and when I got home, Princess Five and I had some fun putting the sets together. There was enough for a cabin and an outhouse which I thought was fun. I don't know if any of the other children will want sets but I thought that it could be a fun thing to play with at Grandmas as Princess Five and I had fun putting it together without any instructions.

Playing with the set made me think about early pioneer life. I come from pioneer stock and I can say that I used to believe I would have been great on the prairie and homesteading life but the older I get, I TRULY am SO grateful for hot running water, toilets, toilet paper, dishwashers and clothes washers and driers and mostly, my heated mattress cover and bed! Can you imagine washing day in the winter? how would you dry anything?

I truly as GRATEFUL for all of those things in my life. I hope I never use a chamber pot or have to go outside in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. We did that on one of our Peru trips in cold winter and I NEVER want to do that again!

Yea for Lincoln Logs for giving me a Gratitude moment! 

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