Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Best Mothers Day Meal EVER Thanks to my Chin Friends

I told you a few days back that I would share more about my Mothers Day. Seriously, it was the best ever!

A few months ago, I talked to a worker at our local grocery store that makes fresh sushi. I was asking about Gluten in the sushi as the crunches on top looked like they may have flour on them.

I asked him and he seemed a bit confused as "gluten" isn't a word that is used a ton I am sure. I had to ask about flour, allergies and he finally figured out what I was asking.

As we talked, I asked about where he was from, he told me his wife and he moved here. I asked about his wife and each time we would go in for sushi, we would visit.

I eventually met his adorable wife and we were fast friends. I truly LOVE this couple. I feel like I have always known them. Even though the language is a bit of a barrier at times, we just really have a connection.

I have been trying to have them over for dinner for a few months but they have gone home for weddings, had company here, and now are moving to a larger city where they can make more money. I am so happy they were able to find a store where they can make more but I am super sad they aren't going to be local.

I finally got them to come over the night before they moved and we made banana splits which they had never heard of or tasted. They enjoyed those but was I excited when they showed up with a huge sushi platter for me for mothers day!

It was wonderful and we truly enjoyed every bite! Those that were home were sure glad they were home! It was a happy Mothers Day Meal for sure. I am going to miss my friends but they said they will come stay with me sometimes. If you ever have a chance to become friends with Burmese people from the Chin Tribes, you can't go wrong! Sweetest people ever!

Have a BLESSED Day! 

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