Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gratitude Visit With the Surgeon and Still Golden Eye

Today I met with my surgeon for a follow up appointment. As usual, there is a bit of a wait. I probably had a 40 minute wait today but it was a "good wait." 
I don't normally pick up magazines at the Dr. office as being in the medical field, I know the germs that "hang out" at those type of places. I usually will play a game on my phone or watch the TV in the waiting room or edit my mothers book type of thing. 

Today, I forgot to bring the book to edit and was in there for a very long time so I saw a few magazines by the door in a rack and figured I would check out "Womans Day" magazine while I waited. As you can see by the picture, there wasn't much else to look at and I had forgotten my phone. Not having left the house for two weeks due to illness, I was out of my routine taking my phone off the charger in the mornings. 

My options were "Glamour", "Outdoors" or "Woman's Day" and it has been years since I read Woman's Day and I was very happy about the content as it wasn't selling rumors or smut. I liked the articles and information and I came to an article I LOVED!!!!!
The magazine was from April 2016 and the article that caught my eye was one on being "THANKFUL!!!" I am leaving the pictures the way they uploaded as you get the idea but it was basically siting the study that a man did a few years back saying that if you write three letters or notes of gratitude a week, you will be happier and more content in your life! 

I remember getting a copy of that article as it goes along with my life so much. I learned that service and gratitude keep me happy and when I feel sorry for myself, I need to do service for someone who has even less.  

Here is a post where I share learning that lesson in a somewhat hard way.   

Here is part 2 of that post

I shared those posts with Erik's mother after I wrote it to let her know how much her son impacted my life. To this day, when I don't want to put myself out there or do service etc, I think of Erik and ask myself "Is there a way I can make a difference today?"   

In waiting for the Dr. today, I was given a reminder of how important GRATITUDE is in my life. I know I don't give enough as I don't think there ever can be enough as we have so much compared to most of the world. 
I finally had my chance with the Dr. He checked the surgical sites. They are great. He asked how I was doing and I shared I have lots of saliva, feel some nausea and my eyes are getting even more yellow. He didn't have any answers for me with any of it as he said it will take time for my body to adjust. I asked about what to do if my eyes continue to go yellow and he said to keep checking my liver if I still have a problem. 

Lastly, the pathologist that looked at my gallbladder wrote, "Thread like / worm like areas are not identified." I am guessing there was no looking under a microscope for the nematodes. I think he was thinking burrow holes or something. Obviously, others have this parasite and they haven't seen them before me in any of the gallbladders they are examining in the normal way. There wouldn't be any reason to look further if it looks good. At least we know there weren't any of the larger worms lurking in there but unless they look through a microscope, I doubt they will find anything. 
I am praying my eyes will get healthy and I can start to feel better. At present, I feel about how I did just before they took it out. We had a church Christmas dinner tonight and I am struggling and think it was the turkey and buttery potatoes. I really hope I start feeling better!

When I was down for the past two weeks and would feel so sick and want to cry, I would just start listing things I was grateful for in a prayer form and soon, the pain would be less and I would continue giving gratitude and eventually would fall asleep. I am so grateful for GRATITUDE in my world as it truly makes my life easier! 

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