Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last Christmas Concert For Princess Five - Real Post

I haven't been myself for the past month with the surgery and illnesses but you all know how much I enjoy watching my girls perform.
I am having a "love / hate" time in my world where I am not feeling well and am super tired and have been to countless concerts, recitals and performances being a mom. I am just tired.... Not taking the thyroid medication for the past few months, I am so tired but didn't see much difference when taking it so I thought I would try it without for awhile to see how I do. 
On the other side, I still enjoy watching my girls perform, especially when they are enjoying their performance. It has been such a joy watching them develop their talents and use them. This past year has been such a struggle with the accidents and my mother living with us and my health issues that getting to her performances took extra effort.  
In the past three weeks, I have missed or almost missed three performances. That is probably the total of all the performances I have missed of any of the girls over the years.

I was happy that I could see her for her last Christmas concert and I took video of her favorite songs. The one in the video linked above was uploading all night but finally finished uploading today and is called "Comfort and Joy" and is upbeat and combines a few different Christmas Carols. 
It was so nice that a few family and friends came to support her as well. It is usually just me being there for her as the other girls are gone but they all had other sisters there to watch them so it is nice that my dad and step-mom (name only as I love her like a mother) along with my niece and nephew were there and her best friend and her mom showed up to support her. 

I hope that I can start feeling better so I can enjoy her last year of dance, choir, theater etc. I have had lots going on with the house, my mothers estate stuff still and cleaned out the house gutters from the roof this week. 

I really am excited for this year to end and am looking forward to next year. Things have got to get better and I have to figure out how to feel better and have more energy. Look how happy she is after her performance. I know there has to be a cure for this parasite and I truly need to feel better.

As last performances go, I think they sounded great but the sound system there wasn't the best and the lighting is always bad. In the end, as long as they are happy about their performance, it is wonderful.

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