Friday, December 30, 2016

Fixing and Cleaning a Sega Genesis Gaming System and Games

I posted a few months back about our old original NES Nintendo entertainment system. 
I spent days trying to figure out what to do with it and even ordered new parts and finally, I was inspired to use steel wool to clean the 72 pin connector and the games. 

It worked like a charm and you can see the post here. I was very excited about my discovery as it will be a very effective way to keep the games working. 

Since Princess Three got the Nintendo, she said she would let her sister have the Sega as it was originally to go to her. The Nintendo was to be her older sisters but they gave it up. 

Due to that, I asked Princess Two if she wanted the Sega. Princess Four wants the playstation and Princess Five, the Wii. 

I pulled out the Sega from storage and plugged it in. It had some lines and glitches so I wondered if I could use the same method to clean the Sega games and system. 

We had about 20 games and so I cleaned them using the steel wool running it up and down on both sides of the games. Once I rubbed it with the steel wool and then used alcohol on q-tips and rubbed them over the tops and bottoms of the contact points and while doing that, I rubbed it all around the area to clean it of dust etc. 

I had a few games that we bought at second hand stores that have different names on them and I share on the video that using alcohol, I was able to get the sharpie marker names off the games. 

Princess Two was able to take the game system home and I am happy to report that the entire thing works like new. I cleaned all the games and the pin connector inside the game system using the same method with steel wool that I used on the nintendo and it worked! 

I think Princess Two will have some fun game nights ahead with her new / old game system!

I am adding this update as I got a call from her tonight on how to set this up and she texted me a picture of a group of her friends playing it on the big screen. I could hear them in the background on a later call and it sounded as if they were having fun! Yea for working antique gaming systems! 

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