Friday, December 2, 2016

Feeling A Little Blue - Bruises

I have been fighting wet lungs and a slight fever for the past few days and today, I have no voice. I think any type of surgery in the winter time has a risk of going bad when so many people are sick. 
I've been taking stuff and feel a bit more energy today which is good but the voice is still struggling. Also, the bruises are coming to the surface. My arm IV site is bruised and sore but I am healing and glad of it.  
The cuts are healing well which is also good.It is amazing to me that they can do surgery though all those little cuts. 
My muscles are still sore and sitting up is difficult but I can feel myself healing. I am excited to see if I feel better after I heal. I hope that I can actually eat more food and get back into a more normal life.             

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