Friday, December 9, 2016

NorBEST IS the BEST - A Chance To Share

You all know how sick I have been for the past nearly two weeks since my surgery. I haven't been feeling well and today wasn't much different other than a few nights ago, I realized that I forgot that the medication I was taking didn't work for Princess awhile back and it was weaker strength than it usually is so I think it sat on the shelf for too long and isn't as potent. 

Usually when I take GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) it works within 48 hours. I should have known when it didn't taste horrible going down I wasn't getting enough, or when I didn't get feeling better in two days, etc. But, when you don't feel well, you aren't always thinking clearly. So, I ended up taking the larger does for the past few days and felt a bit better today but still fighting sinus stuff. 

I got a call from the food bank this week saying they had the walk in freezer and fridge FULL of turkey products and refused another load due to nowhere to put it. 

I had just asked in a prayer that they get more turkeys as it is something I can eat and we enjoy. I usually have a turkey in the freezer but used it for Princess Four before she left for her mission to Japan. I just bought a breast for Thanksgiving and we ate that and so, my freezer is getting low on meat and foods I can eat so that had been my prayer this past week. 

If you know me, you know I have absolute faith in my Father in Heaven answering my prayers if they be something that is a good and honest desire or need.He always blesses me with those things and I give gratitude daily that He does. 

It shouldn't have been a surprise when I got the call about the turkeys but the surprise to me wasn't the turkey breasts, it was the amount of them! I was also grateful for HOW he blessed me with them. When they first called, we thought they were full turkeys. I thought maybe I could borrow a few ovens, cook up 6 turkeys, pull them apart and just freeze the meat and make stock of the other but feeling horrible, that seemed like such an overwhelm but my freezer couldn't hold more than a few turkeys so if I cooked them up, I could get much more meat and fit more in. Imagine my JOY and delight when the turkeys were actually COOKED breasts!!! He did all the work for me! The best part of the turkey ready to heat and serve! 

My friend Blaine came to get a few and told me that he puts them frozen into a crock pot in the morning and by 2, they are moist and wonderful! I was excited to hear that as I wondered if reheating it would dry them out. 

I pulled one out for dinner and we cut it up and just put it on a salad like a Caesar salad and it was WONDERFUL!!! I cut the rest of it up as it was still frozen a bit and put it in quart bags so we can just pull it out and use it on salads as that is one of our favorite things! 

The food bank got about 1000 of these and it wasn't until later, that I realized there were also different things in the boxes. There were sun dried tomato / herb breasts and some larger turkey breast / sandwich deli type packages. 

Since I was sick, I asked my sister to pick up 50 cases for me. I called my church leaders and asked if they would be willing to distribute them since I wasn't well and shouldn't lift much since my surgery. Princess Five had just gotten home from school "Polar Express" day and helped him load the boxes into his truck.  

She then took some cases to people we know that I didn't feel would, or could, come to pick them up and I called a few neighbors to come get some. I cleaned out the freezer as I had some old breads etc that needed to be thrown out and I fit 12 boxes in my freezer and have a bit of room for a few more so I will probably get a few more since they have so much and need to clean out the walk in fridge. Instead of a few turkeys, I got 24+ turkey breast!!!! Ready to eat within minutes!!!

I LOVE how immediate my Heavenly Father answers my prayers and how blessed I am I am also grateful that I understand that by helping serve others, I get so many blessings in return. It seems when I think I am doing some type of service, I always end up getting more in return! I know the others that got some are grateful as well. Thank you NORBEST for sharing your wonderful products with others! They have been a blessing in my life in so many ways!

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