Monday, December 5, 2016

It's The Little Things - Post Surgery Task - Goo Gone

I have not been feeling very good the past week. I have been fighting some rashes, strep type throat issues, slow gut, sores, bruises, abdominal straining etc. I feel like I am fighting the flu. 

If you haven't noticed over the past six years of blogging, I don't "sit" well. I run until I drop and when I do sit, I usually fall asleep. I have posted about this in my blogs about "sititus" where I fall asleep every time I sit.

I am tired of sleeping and sitting. I decided to do something with my "down" time. I figured I could go through the records that came with my mothers estate items and clean them up and sort them while "sitting" so I could be doing something.   

When someone stored the original records, they used green electrical tape to hold the records in and over time, the tape got gooey and sticky on the records. 

I did some research awhile back as to the best way to "clean" old records and everything I found said that window cleaner is the best thing to use. However, I needed to get the sticky stuff off and my "go to" for that is always terpentine or mineral spirits. Of course, I tested it on a broken record and it didn't seem to do any damage to the glass so I used it on all of the sticky spots on the records. 
Check out the video I made on cleaning it and feel free to ask any questions. I have gotten through about 1/4th of the records I got and nearly 1/3 of those are cracked or broken. I am getting rid of at least 1/2 of those I cleaned as well so I will have a nice collection of music that is fun or I have heard of which will be nice. 

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