Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Concert For Princess Five - Internet Frustration

I have been waiting for ONE video to upload for two hours now. It is ONE song. It is wet out so my internet is frustrating and this poor video.....

Princess five was in her last Christmas concert for her community choir today and I was frustrated with how dark the stage was and couldn't get very good pictures and she swapped spots with her friend so I sat with a good view of where she should have been sitting and she was behind someone or the large black microphone most of the concert.

I then get home and immediately upload one of the two songs she wanted me to record and it took a long time but at least it uploaded. Now, I doubt the second will finish. An hour ago, it said that it had 9 minutes left. 20 minutes later it said 11 minutes. Another 2o minutes and it said 14 minutes. Another twenty minutes and now it says 11 minutes again.

I am sure it won't upload but my problem is that I can't switch SD cards to get to the one with the pictures I took until this finishes uploading. It is now nearly 1 a.m. and I started uploading them at 9 p.m. So, I don't know that you will get pictures today. I think I will just link the one video that has uploaded and call it a night!

It was a super long day with Christmas programs at two different locations, two missionary homecomings of my niece and Princess Four's best friend, and then the
concert tonight. I am going to bed with just one video up and I hope you enjoy it! It is called "Do You Have Room?" and it was one of the two songs of the 15 or so they sang that she wanted recorded. Hopefully, I can share the pictures and other video tomorrow.

I just checked on the video hoping my biggest hope that it was nearly finished and now it says I have 16 minutes to finish. We are going backwards! Water and my internet do not mix. Cold and water and my internet...... Havoc.

Lets hope I can upload the videos when it is warmer out. I have two other posts I could post but both have videos as well so I truly hope I can get to it when it is warm out!

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