Thursday, December 15, 2016

A New Phone for Six Dollars - Gotta Give Gratitude

Since I have been so sick, I haven't had the time to get to the Verizon store and get Princess Fours phone turned off and get my phone switched to her phone. 

I called black Friday week to do it but was on hold for a very long time before I finally hung up. 

I called back later and was on hold for some time but the girl on the phone gave me information that was contrary to two other workers I had spoken with so I waited until I felt well enough I could go to the local store and deal with someone directly rather than getting different stories from workers on the phone. 

I went in yesterday and told the guy that I wanted to be able to make her phone my phone and put her number on a "hold" but that I wanted to back up everything on her phone to a card and on the cloud. He told me all her stuff was back onto the card. I leave there thinking he had done that as he said it was all being saved to the card etc. Well, I leave and can't get texts or make calls to or from my phone and my number is now ringing on her phone and her number is no where and all her data is now backing up on my cloud number etc. 

I wasn't really happy about all that so I head back today and he tells me that he has "fixed" it so I go to take out the "card" from her phone and there is no memory card in the phone! I didn't take it out so I wonder if he took it out yesterday and never put it back in! I was super frustrated and was there for well over an hour as he couldn't get my iphone to work on any number! 

While there, a lady had been there for over 2 hours trying to get a new phone hooked up to her already Verizon number. They couldn't get the new phone to send or accept calls but she could get texts! There are three people working there and nothing we were doing was super hard or difficult so we started visiting while we waited for our phones to be "fixed." 

She is a truck driver (big rig) and her phone broke so she bought this Samsung at Walmart for $100+ last month and really wanted an iphone so she stopped in our town just then to buy a new phone! She didn't even live in our state! There are two stores in town and this was the furthest from the highway. 

I overheard them tell her that they would buy her Samsung phone she just bought for over $100 for $3+ dollars!!! I told her I would give her $5. The workers were NOT happy with me but at this point, I had no phone as they couldn't seem to get my i phone working but it worked fine when I took it in yesterday. 

She told me she would take the $5 but I only had a $20 and she didn't have change and Verizon said they had none so I told her while we were waiting, I would go to the gas station and get change. I needed gas anyway so I went to the next block and guess what was on the floor as I got my change.... Yep a DIME. I knew God was blessing me with a new phone and allowing me to keep Princess Fours "as it is" for her return and letting me have a new Christmas present. I paid the woman an extra $1 for the phone and got her Samsung hooked up to my line and rushed off to watch Princess Five dance. While waiting to go in, guess was was on the ground in front of me.... Yep a DIME! (Check out my blog about what this means here)

I really don't like i phones as you can't add memory. It is my biggest frustration with "i" products. This samsung, I can add up to 128 GIG of memory!!!! Yep, SO happy about that, all the music, movies and apps I want along with pictures and HD videos so I am not always carrying a camera around. SO excited about that. 

No one can tell me that my Father in Heaven isn't looking out for me. That poor woman stopped in a small town in the middle of nowhere to purchase a phone that she could have bought at any time in the past month in any town across 25 states or so she has traveled in the past month! She gets stuck in the store for over 2 hours just when I needed her to be there! Truly, that to me is a miracle. I wish I could have asked her how many times she thought about stopping and buying one in other states. I already have a car charger, house charger for it etc as my old Motorola had that charger so truly, I gave her $6 for a new phone that a year ago, I paid $150 for for Princess Four! They are nearly identical except I can have more data and have a better front camera but hers has a better video recorder by a bit. I pray that the woman has a safe drive as she is on her way to Mexico tonight!

I am truly grateful for my new phone and for the sweet lady trucker that allowed me to buy it and for my Father in Heaven who looks out for me and blesses me so often!

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