Friday, December 16, 2016

Think Pink - First Dance Since The Accident

Princess Five hit a great milestone this week! She was able to participate in a performance as a dancer again!  
She was in the horrible car accident five months ago this week. She was told after her MRI that she would probably need surgery in six months as they couldn't do the surgery due to massive bone bruising.  

She went through months of rehab and has since started dancing with her dance team again at practices but missed dancing the entire football season and so far hasn't been in any performing dances or competitions. 

It was a big day for her to be able to perform again. It was a "pink" game for cancer fundraising and they get with some other schools and everyone learns the same dance to the same music and then they perform together. 

It isn't competitive or difficult but for her, it was a milestone in the sense that she could dance and for the most part, she could do all the motions. She struggles with getting her arm straight above her head but from where she was to now, it is huge. 
When she got home after the dances, she told me that her arm felt the best it has since the accident and that she thought all the dancing and practices the past week have helped it heal more. 

She said it isn't feeling as "numb" as it had and that the hole beneath the shoulder where her arm was pinned between the door and ground or her and the door was filling in finally.

She also performed with the band when she wasn't dancing on stage. She still struggles with the heavy drumming but is still fine participating with the tambourine or bell etc. She has no pain in playing those and is happy to be participating. 

Doesn't she just look radiant performing!!! I think it is what she was born to do!       

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