Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Replacing the Felt on an Old Hand Crank Victrola - Phonograph Record Player

So this post won't be read by maybe 10 people for the years it is on here but I have felt HORRIBLE for the past 24 hours again. 

There is a storm coming and along with the symptoms of strep / sinus infection, I have had one of my horrible storm pressure headaches I get when my head acts like a human barometer. 

I was up most of the night again with headache, sore throat, runny nose and eyes and now added, teeth pain. It feels like I have kernels of popcorn stuck between all the teeth in the roof of my mouth. 

Lets just say that I didn't get much sleep today either and call it a "day." I was in bed most of the day and am blogging the most simple blog I can so I can get back into bed and hopefully feel better tomorrow!  

After fixing my mothers Victrola Phonograph hand crank record player, I wanted to finish it off by putting new felt on the needle rest, re-glueing the felt on the record plate and by lining the rusty needle holder. 

Basically, I used clear glue as I didn't want it saturated with an elmers type glue as sometimes they can make the felt "wet" and then when it dries, it goes hard causing the felt to be stiff. Don't use tons of glue whatever type you choose to use but enough that it will stay put and not come up with each record. 

To line the rusty needle cup, I just pushed felt down into the cup and cut around the top. Then I glued it in and trimmed off any excess after I glued it. It came out great and I like the felt lining. Also the same for the needle stand. I just cut it the size of the circle needed and glued it in as there was no felt left in there at all. 

I did dust off the felt from the record plate and washed down the metal BEFORE re-gluing it down. None of it took much time or effort so you could easily do it while watching a movie or something. 

Princess One bought me a bag of 100 new needles online for my birthday so now we can listen all we desire! Thanks for the thoughtful gift princess!

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