Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner - Day For Family

We had a fun Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family this past week. My brother had a new baby which they gave a blessing and name this week. One of his children got their eagle in Boy Scouts and another got baptized.  It was great that they were able to plan them all on the same day so the entire family could be there. 

I loved that I got to see all my family and especially Grand-Princess One and getting to hold Grand-Prince one! 

When Grand-Princess saw me, she was so cute running up calling me. 

Before the meetings, she took my earrings off and wanted me to put them on her. She is so cute as she calls them "hearrings" as you hear with your ears and wear earrings on your ears so she calls them "hearrings." 
It was wonderful that I got to see all the girls and my nieces and all the new "grandchildren" in the family. 

I had also never been to my brothers new house. It is huge and I loved that it has a window from the upstairs kitchen into the inside "game room." 

It was a super busy day but I enjoyed getting to visit with everyone.

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