Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Angels on Earth Take on Many Forms

God works HIS works in many ways. I think sometimes we get to "play" angel for him and at other times, there really are angels that come down and watch over us.

I mention in this post here, that there was a wonderful moment when our ER nurse's neighbor ended up being one of the first on the scene at the accident. Her pictures were the first we saw of the car. That situation in itself to me was divine intervention so that we could know what happened and I wouldn't feel stress about the time after the accident and before she arrived at the hospital. Princess has only flashes of memory from the time she left the main highway five miles before the accident site and then her memory comes back after she was in the ambulance. The rest was vague and hazy.

From the moment we arrived home, people have been amazing. The first day, a few friends stopped over and many of her friends were on vacation and texted her wishing her well and keeping her in their prayers.

Friends brought over treats, She has gotten chocolate peanut-butter spread and a few chocolate bars. She came in crying one day and I asked if she was "OK" and she could barley speak. She said, "Someone is mowing our lawn but my eyes are so bad, I can't tell who it is." She was crying because on her first day home, a few different friends and neighbors came over and asked who was going to mow the lawn now that Princess Five couldn't use her arm. Of course, I joked that she probably had the accident to get out of mowing the lawn. I told them I would have to do the front one day and the back another as with the parasites in the follicles, I don't regulate heat and perspiration well.

This lawn care company was at our house mowing and said that "someone" had taken care of it for the rest of the season! I can't tell you how grateful I am about that! It is SO hard for me to be in the heat right now as I just can't regulate heat with my bad thyroid and the parasite. Within minutes, I look and feel like I am having a stroke.

Her best friend came over and spent the day asking me earlier if she could bring over a shake. I was grateful to have someone with her so I could get some things done as I don't like leaving her alone if she needs something. The other day, she got her arm sling velcro stuck in her hair and I had to pull each one out one at a time rather than breaking off the hairs. It was just hard for her to move in the beginning. Of course she is getting better daily but, I was glad she had company other than me as I am always working on something.

A nurse I worked with years ago and actually was the delivery nurse for Princess Five is in leadership in our church over the women and she has come several times and visited Princess and bought her this adorable pillow which Princess decided she wants to use in the decorating of her college room next year as she LOVES the pillow!

Princess Four found this envelope on my front porch with $100 bill in it. All the kindnesses of friends, neighbors and strangers has brought Princess and I to tears many times now.

In our church, we have people assigned to visit each home once a month and they are called "home teachers" and then we have two women to visit each woman in our church each month and they are called "visiting teachers" as when they visit, they give a little message and usually see if there is anything needed in the home that either the visiting or home teachers can help do.

This man has been our home teacher for years now and at one point was the pastor / bishop in our congregation. He was in the leadership when I had Princess Four and Five so he has known my girls since birth. He is one of the most gentle and tender hearted men I have ever met. He has called many times to see how she is doing and then brought over this flower to her with a cute card which made her laugh not long after her accident. He is still checking up on her. He is probably the closest thing she knows to a father figure other than my family. He truly loves my girls and would do anything for them. He is a good man and it meant lots to her to have him continually checking up on her progress.

One night all the young women in the congregation visited and we talked about how her wearing her seat-belt saved her life and how her getting a priesthood blessing stopped any progression of the wounds and how blessed we are to have so many good people in our town and world. It was really cute as they were leaving, I was on the front porch and one of the girls called my name as they pulled out and she was putting on her seat belt. I gave her a big thumbs up!

Another day, one of her friends that came the first few days brought over his sister and their new puppy. She LOVED that. I got rid of our dog one day quite abruptly and I don't know that she ever forgave me so it was fun to see her play with this cute little puppy!

Another dear friend brought over a box of ice cream drums which she has been enjoying all by herself even though they are one of my favorite, I can't do the gluten in them so she has that box all to herself which has made her happy!

I have been seeing 111 all over the place. To this, I am grateful as I have been stressed about the cost, if she will heal correctly, Princess Four leaving as a missionary soon, still working on my mothers estate things and the actual physical stuff dropped off at my house. I am working night and day trying to finish the projects so I can put away the furniture as I know if it gets put in a room, I will never get to it but it being in the living room, I see it daily and it becomes a priority so each free minute I have, I work on one of the pieces from my mothers estate. I have finished three pieces and have two half done and about four or five that I haven't started.

The other day, I went in to the hospital for some testing as I feel like I am not getting any nutrition and I met with my Dr. asking if I could get IV vitamins or something as I don't feel like I am digesting anything or absorbing things. I am still having all the weird dreams about death and dying but it isn't me, I am someone else and each night I dream about someone else's life and how they died. I know they have studied this parasite and know that it changes the chemical make up of the host to commit suicide but I wonder if it just recalls all the past memories of how it's previous host died and replays them for the current host or something. I am sure they will study it someday but it is causing my sleep to be terrible! So, you can see why when they printed out my little wrist band for my lab tests, I smiled looking down at my arm as she drew the blood. I noticed that my band was printed at 11:11 a.m. She cut off my band and was going to throw it away but I told her I wanted to take a picture and told her why as I got to know them well when I took my mother in for lab work several times a week when she lived with me this year.

Princess called the neighbor of the nurse from the ER as she wanted to thank them for helping her at the crash as she didn't (and still doesn't) remember anyone at the site. The woman came over to visit and gave her a cute dance necklace as they talked about dance while they waited for the ambulance to come. Of course, we all cried as she gave us more details about the crash. She said there was a man with a beard who was also right on the scene and he sat in the back seat after her dad cut off the seat belt and they laid the front seat back so her head wasn't stuck in the roof. She said he held her head until the ambulance was there. Princess didn't remember her or the bearded man so I have been giving gratitude for all those people who helped her that night. One of my dear friends Julie who is serving as a missionary with her husband, her son works with the orthopedic specialist and he said he passed the crash and there were lots of people stopped so he didn't stop.

Everyone who stopped, the EMT's and the Police officer all reported that many people stopped and helped her. Truly they are all angels in disguise.

My sister sent over the cutest candy bar poster with her kids the other day and we both got a great laugh out of it. It said,
“Heard about your “rolo”ver. That really “blows (pop). Bet UR “good and plenty” sore. Glad that U don’t have a “lemon head” and no “Jaw Busters” either. Bet u saw “dots” and “Star bursts”. Sorry you hit a “sour patch” and your car got “crunch”ed. Feel better “now and later.”  We both will get to enjoy the treats on that at some point but it was just so creative and cute with the "Rolo's" we keep laughing over that one. 
So.... Flash forward to last night. I had been praying that I would be able to find the "bearded" man so we could thank him. We had no idea who he was or how to find him. However, GOD does know who he is and how to find him. I should never doubt the power of prayer. 

My dear friend Sonnie that went to massage therapy school with me and taught my kids piano for years texted and we talked about spending a few minutes catching up. In my mind, I am thinking weeks away but she asked if I would like to visit with her the next night. We scheduled for 7 p.m. where she works for me to stop in and visit. We haven't talked in probably nearly a year more than just hugs in passing. 

I get there and she gives me a BEFE foot bath and soak which helps get toxins out and relaxes me. We finish, her next appointment shows up, I hug her and leave. I am in my car about to pull out when she comes and and said she wanted to introduce me to her next client. I think it is weird as I am already in a running car but I turn off the car, go back into her office and meet her friend Chris. We visit for a few minutes and I mention Princess Five's accident. She said, "Where was this?" I tell her and she said, "My boss bob and his family SAW the accident, his son was the first to the car and my boss drove until he could get cell service and called for the ambulance and went back for his son." I asked if the son had a beard and she said he did!!!! She gave me Bob's number and while we were talking, I somehow texted him accidentally and he called me right then while I was still talking to them about the miracle of me being able to find the bearded man just after I prayed I could! All of this because of my dear friend and her following that "feeling" to introduce me to her next client!  

I talked to Bob, and his wife, Susan for nearly an hour as they told me how they saw the car flip at first end over end and then rolling over and over on it's side landing way far off the road and kicking up a huge cloud of dust. Their son (in his 30's) ran to the car hopping the fence and said in his mind, he thought maybe he didn't want to be first to see whatever is in the car cause it could have been babies in car seats, dead bodies etc but kept running and when he got to the car, he said, "Miss, are you alive?" he reported back that she said, "I am but I can't see." He thought perhaps her eyes were damaged. Other people started arriving and we hear the rest of the story from the woman who came to visit on how they cut off her seat belt, laid the seat down, he held her head off the seat as it was hurting her, when there were enough people there, he headed back to the truck where his kids and parents had just returned from calling for help and they left to get back on their way. They passed the EMT's and waved them on as they were about a half mile from the site. 

Bob said that the vision of her flying through the air has haunted him and he never used to wear his seat belt before but after seeing her car flip over and over and over, he now puts on his seat belt! His wife said that they could tell from one of her rings she had on her finger, that she was religious and thought that angels must have watched over her as from the looks of the car, she shouldn't have survived. She said the car was still running when he arrived and they couldn't reach in so they asked her if she could turn it off so she reached down and turned off the engine! So weird it was still running after all those flips and so much damage! 

Susan said her son has mentioned over and over that he wondered how she was. They did find out from one of the boys that visited her on the first day or so whose father is a dentist in town that she survived the crash but still wanted to know more! 

HOW AMAZING IS GOD!?!? To be able to find the first two people on the site without going out of my way posting about it or seeking them out in any way, they just come into my world! I took a picture of the text I sent poor Bob. It is funny but he called and I saw the word "home" and my phone is an apple and is new to me so I thought it was someone from my home but I guess I saved his number as his "home" number so I answered it only because I thought it was one of my kids at my house coming for a visit unexpectedly or something and then he tells me I texted him some weird text and he wondered who I was.... I laughed embarrassed but asked if he stopped at an accident and that is how the conversations started! 

They texted me their son's number so Princess can call and thank him and I will send them links to the blog so they can see how things worked out and follow her progression. They truly are angels and I am SO grateful for good people who are so kind to help a stranger on their way. Truly the story of the good Samaritan comes to my mind each time I think of it. 

I am so blessed! Princess Five is so blessed! There is no "thank you" big enough for someone helping your children when you can't in these type of situations! THANK YOU BOB AND SUSAN and all your clan for their help that day! THANK YOU NATALIE and your clan for stopping and helping that day and for your kind visit after! Thank you to the EMT's, the emergency room staff, Dr.'s, nurses, x-ray, cat scan, and all the staff that made her visit bearable! Thank you to the lady who thought my daughter may need a blessing when she saw her in the ER and called people until she found two priesthood brothers who could come and administer to her. Thanks to those two men who came and willingly blessed her and followed up with a visit the next day. Thanks to the salvage place that came right then to pick up her car saving me another $40 in storage fees and gave me $150 for the scrap that the car had become even though it probably wasn't worth that much. Thank you friends, family, and neighbors who have called, visited, given gifts, and thank you to whoever paid for my lawn to be cut, it looks wonderful but gives me some peace knowing it is one thing I don't have to worry about in the huge list of things I do need to worry about right now!!!! 

But mostly, thanks to God and his angels in heaven! The first night at the hospital when I couldn't sleep for obvious reasons. During the night, I thought of my mom and felt that she was there with me. But of course, in my head, she looked like she did at 79 when she died. That picture left my head and I got the impression that she wanted me to know what she looked like now that she has passed on. Knowing my mother, she was a national beauty queen and quite vain so of course she wouldn't want me to "See" her as old and not in her prime. I then saw her as a beauty queen and that picture was erased, into my mind came my mother at about age 23 with one or two kids. For some reason, she wanted me to know what she looks like in heaven. She let me know that she and others made sure Princess survived. That was it, nothing much, just a few quick impressions into my head while I was praying in the night giving gratitude that she was alive. 

Now when I picture my mom, I will see her at that time in her life but I know that she and others helped Princess survive that crazy nightmare! God is great and I am TRULY grateful for his constant reminders to "Trust in Him" as we found a few pennies this week. For those of you who don't know, I have posts that explain about finding money and seeing 111's so you may want to visit those pages to read up on those. And, seeing the 111's all this week as well. When I got onto my blog, I looked at views for today so far and wouldn't you know.... Of course I had 111 views! Just another reminder to "Trust in HIM!"

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