Thursday, August 11, 2016

One Day and One Project At A Time

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday pulling weeds in my yard and pruning a rose bush that I didn't get to last fall that had taken over a corner of my yard. 
I filled five garbage cans and have a sore back to prove that I over extended myself. I didn't get to the gutter that is falling away from my home or the gopher holes in the basement window wells yet but I am getting something done almost daily, even if it is a small thing.  

This rocking chair was from my moms estate and I picked it as I knew it wouldn't be hard to fix and was in fairly good shape. I purchased a rocking chair for Princess One when she had her baby and I thought it would be fun for one of the other girls to have a rocking chair that had some meaning. 

Mostly, it just needed the back screw to be unwound out with pliers as it had broken in half. I was able to use pliers and unwind it and then put a new screw in. I also glued a few spokes that were loose. The most time consuming was the polishing. I gave it two good coats and was able to just throw the cushions in the washer and drier. 

I did have to do a little mending on one of the pads and scrub one spot but for the most part, it was the easiest of the projects to get done. 

Princess Five told me "You did a nice job on the rocker momma!" yesterday as she passed it. 

She had a Chiropractic appointment today and is feeling much better with each appointment and we visit with the surgeon in the morning to schedule surgery. I will be relieved when she starts healing. She still has a bruise on her elbow where she hit and obviously her shoulder bones are still bruised. I know she will be alright in the end but it is hard to see her struggle and in pain. Please keep her in your prayers until this is all over. Hopefully that will be soon!    

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