Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MRI Zone 111 - Bruised Bone - Who Knew

Today was one of the hardest days for me. I have been going and going every day for weeks and I think my body just said "enough."

I have had early mornings and lots to do and with the accident, finances etc, I am not sleeping well so I dragged all day. I could barely get out of bed. I went to bed and laid down three different times today and once on the couch. 

We had a chiropractic appointment this morning. It was interesting because there are two schools of thought about chiropractic and I have been to really horrible chiropractors and I have a few that I truly love and am grateful for so this is how I decided what to do about that. 
Since her injuries were so serious, I didn't take her to anyone for anything for a few days after the accident. Then we saw the orthopedist. He wanted to send us on a four hour drive to see a neurologist. I asked if he would be able to tell anything from the cat scans and he said he wouldn't. I asked what treatment he would do if he thought she had nerve damage. They wouldn't do anything until she had her MRI. 
I figured that doing all the driving and seeing someone who would probably just tell us he needed an MRI to know how serious the damage was probably wasn't the best use of our time. 

We needed to head out of town last Sunday earlier than our church meets so we chose to attend a church that meets at 9 a.m. so we could worship before leaving town. We walked into that church and our Chiropractor and his wife were sitting on the stand. 

I took it as a sign as I had been praying about if I should take her in as her neck had been stiff and she hit her head hard so of all the places we could attend, we picked the place where they were speaking that day.  

She LOVED it! She immediately responded saying she could feel her arm and that her neck felt "free" and she wanted to go back so we have another appointment this week where he can hopefully work down her upper back a little more. With her lung damage, he only worked on the neck and her good shoulder a bit. 
I just love him. I have been going to him since well before she was born when I broke my tailbone in a sledding accident and he has been the only chiropractor who has been able to get my lower back to align. I was so grateful for how tender and gentle he was working on her today. He is gifted. 

We then had an MRI and the technician was a doll and talked about how she got into the job and how much she loves it and I think she may have wooed Princess Five into changing the degree she wants. It was a cool thing as we both had that thought separately when she was getting her MRI and I asked the tech about it and it was just a really neat conversation. 
The tech was careful not to "read" the MRI but she did share that all the white areas on the bone are bruised bone. There were significant areas of bruising on the bone. 

I asked her if I could take some pictures for my blog but after I arrived home, I watched a youtube video on how to read an MRI of the shoulder and can clearly see a very damaged rotator cuff and serious damage as any white on an MRI is damage. So, from the techs facials while the MRI was being taken and from the stuff I looked up, I would say we will be having at least one surgery but possibly two or three as she now can't straighten her elbow and had x-rays of that today as well. 

We have a followup appointment on Thursday and hope that we can get the surgery done quickly so she can maybe get back to dancing this year. It would be sad if she couldn't participate dancing as she loves it so much. 

Keep her in your prayers! We may still need to visit the neurologist as well. The bills are coming in and I know they are less than if she was in the hospital or a quadriplegic but it is still stressful even when you give gratitude that it is just a shoulder. 
I laughed out loud when I stood watching through the window and took a few pictures before I realized that there was a 111 in my view in large font right where I would have to see it when looking at her. Could they have put it any more in my vision so I would have a 111 to let me know she will be "OK." 

I dropped her off at home after and went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and of course, there was a penny in the "change" cup on the automated teller on checkout. I laughed again knowing that God really wanted me to know that everything will be alright. 
I am blessed to have the understanding that God loves me and that he does give me little signs that I need to "trust in Him" and I am grateful for those signs that help remind me when I am exhausted and dragging through the difficult days.

Lets hope that I can get some rest and have the energy I need to clean up all the stuff we brought home from Princess Fours college apt, fix the rain gutter that has detached itself, fill in the holes in the window well from the gopher a few weeks back, call the roofer that did my roof and show him there is a leak somewhere as my drywall is falling and cracking through the ceiling and the nails are all bulging out, get Princess Four everything she needs to leave on her mission and finish up my mom's estate / stocks and the furniture I have that needs finishing from her estate... etc, etc, etc... 

I am so grateful to whoever is paying for my yard to be mowed. I need to get out and weed but at least when I got home today, I was able to enjoy an nicely mowed and edged lawn. I wanted to cry looking at how pretty it was as I sat in the driveway for a moment gathering the energy to go in as I was so tired. Isn't it great that I have a house, furniture, a daughter that wants to go serve others, and a daughter that is alive! Truly, I am blessed!      

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