Thursday, August 4, 2016

Two Odd Injuries But Blessings Still

While Princess was in the ER after the cat-scans and we were waiting for the results, she was complaining of her head hurting and I could see twigs and sticks in her hair but also saw blood..

I tried to see where the blood was coming from and also kept pulling the sticks and twigs out of her hair. 
I finally asked one of the nurses if she could find me a comb so I could maybe get some out that way. I started at the bottom and we cut the hair elastic out as we could see that her hair was coming out by the handful every time we tried to take out a twig. 

I stopped combing as we needed to get her admitted so I took the comb with me to her room. Also, in the ER when we were changing her into a gown, I could see sage brush bark under her arm and pulled it out the best I could but we couldn't get her arm to move much as it popped twice and she screamed when we took off her clothes. 

I could see that there were a few good cuts in there and pulled out the bark and thought it was sweaty and moist but it wasn't until later that we figured out what the problem was under there. 
When we got her into the hospital room, I didn't want her in the bed with glass in her hair so I had her lean a bit while I combed out her hair. It was then that I noticed she had some small cuts that looked like everything else but when I examined more closely, I realized that something CUT her hair off just above the scalp!!!! Something followed her head around and cut the hair about 1/16 of an inch above her skin! 

She should have cuts in her head! How did something cut the hair and not her skin? Truly, amazing to me how she didn't have something sticking out of her skull! 

I was VERY gentle just to get out what I could of the branches and glass so she wouldn't have the sticking into her all night. It was also very late so I did a rush job. 
The next day, her sister used conditioning spray to get out the rest and as you can see, she has quite the bald spots on her head and she will have some very spiky spots in a few months when it all starts to grow back in! 

I threw handfuls of hair out in the ER and in the hospital room and Princess Four threw out many handfuls when she combed her hair out here. It was quite the way to thin her hair! 
When we got Princess home, the next day I got her into the shower and had her wash under her arm and she commented on how stinky under her arm was. I told her to wash it well and then I put powder under her arm for the next few days. 

We showered her again and she scrubbed and scratched under the arm as she said it was itchy and she told me she got two pieces of plastic out from under her arm! I shared with her that it wasn't plastic, it was two large pieces of sage brush that impaled her under arm and that the bark came off as it came off as it entered and the inside of the branch is white and softened inside her but the body sent it out like it does a sliver! 

Both injuries are crazy but the body is amazing and will heal. We have commented several times how wonderful it is that she has such thick hair so we can cover the bald spots! They are minor injuries but I wanted to share how angels must have protected her head in that her head was shaved and not cut! 

God is good!

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