Monday, August 22, 2016

Curing Toenail Fungus the Quick and Easy Way - Seconds a Day

I shared in December a post and video about curing toenail fungus. Because of the parasites, I did the soaks on my hands and feet for awhile trying to kill some of them off but it was quite painful so I stopped as well as not having the time. 

In January, I did an "update" to the blog post, both of which you can see on here along with my original video showing how I do the foot soaks. 
A nice side effect of doing the foot soaks for parasites, is that it started to cure my fungal infection under my big toenail. 

I was thrilled my nail was getting better and looking better. You can see this picture is of my toenail in December. You can see it is nearly down to the white portion of the "moon" on the nail. That was better due to soaks than it was when I started a few months before. It was getting better but I was only doing soaks on and off and not regularly. 

This next picture is in January shortly after my mother came to live with me, I had done two soaks since she arrived and don't think I did any after as she was so much work and I was exhausted. 

It got worse after that as I had her, then her death, then cleaning her estate, then two graduations, two pageants, elections and end of year stuff, Funeral, estate clean out for my mother, Princess One had her baby and Princess Five rolled her car and has some major health issues, Princess Four moved home and has her papers in to serve as a missionary and we should find out any day where she will be going. 

I am exhausted most of the time and don't have time to soak my feet. So, the toe started to regress and I was upset as I didn't want to lose what I had already gained so I pondered on what to do and as you know about me, prayer and pondering usually bring about some amazing results so this solution presented itself and I have been doing this for the past two months or so depending on the craziness of the day. 

IF YOU ARE A DIABETIC -DO NOT DIG UNDER YOUR NAIL! You don't want to get an infection in your toe! STICK WITH THE SOAKS and put oil on the toe nightly!!!

When you start this, begin with soaking your feet in 3% hydrogen peroxide. You need to clean out all the gunk under the nail so you can get the oils into the area. So, after soaking, use the pointed nail file to clean out the area and get any and all gunk out you can without digging into healthy skin. It may take a few days of putting the peroxide in and then the oils in before you kill off enough to get deep under the nail. Don't worry, just go as far as you can without digging into any healthy tissue. You should just be able to dig out white gunk without any pain. If you feel pain, stop!

It seriously takes me about ten seconds a night to do this after the first night and you can do the same thing in the morning but I don't always get to that but I do it most evenings and am thrilled with the results. As you can see, the fungus under the nail is dead and gone but to make sure, I just put some 3% hydrogen peroxide from Walmart in a spray bottle. I spray some under my big toenail before blogging. After about 20 minutes, I use a nail file to scrape out under the nail and remove anything that is loose. DON'T DIG INTO HEALTHY SKIN! 

Also, clean the nail file each night with alcohol and peroxide to make sure you don't reinfect yourself! Just keep a small container and put the file in it and then let it air-dry each night after doing this.

After I have cleaned out under the nail, I put 1 drop of "Thieves" oil from "Young Living" under my toenail. It shouldn't burn but if it does, you can put a drop of olive oil under there as well. IF YOU HAVE AN ALLERGY TO: cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary or lemon, don't use this! 

Also, Don't use this oils straight on children as the cinnamon can burn their skin. Always dilute essential oils on kids. I use one drop of Thieves to a tsp of olive oil on children. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to diluted it for yourself as well. However, the spot where the fungus is, is probably dead so it shouldn't hurt unless you dug into your healthy tissue. 

The yellow color will go away as you finish using the oils. If you are going out somewhere in a shoe where your toe is going to be seen, you can just paint that area with a flesh tone polish but remove it after to allow the nail and toe to "breath" and it is a reminder to continue treatment. 

If you don't want the yellow color under the nail, you can just do the peroxide but I think it will take longer as it dries quickly where as the oil continues working all night. The soaks are your best bet if you don't like the yellow color but I just put some peroxide on it and scrap it out if I am going somewhere or I take a bath and scrap it clean and don't reaply oils until after the "event" so I figured some work arounds to the color issue. 

You can see that it is working and it only takes me seconds to scrape it out and put a drop of oil in it. 

I will post when it is completely grown out which I hope will be in a few months. There is a little damage on the  toenail just below the fungus and on a few other toenails as when we hiked in the river in mid June, I got pebbles in my shoe and the uneven rock bottom and water in it caused some bruising and damage to three toenails so that will grow out. Click here to see the post about the hike. 

Here is some information on "thieves" oil: Thieves oil is a blend essential oil mixture that contains; lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and clove oils. Many companies make similar blends. I have tried at least four different blends that are similar and have even tried to make my own but have never had the same results as I get with the "thieves" blend from "young living" oils. I have been using the product for nearly 20 years and carry it in my purse. Since we started using it for different things, we rarely get sick. 

For the toe, I don't think it has to be that company blend as the oils included in most blends would be similar but I personally only use their "thieves" oil as I love it. 

"Thieves oil" gets it's name and the recipe from robbers that went into homes of plague victims to rob them and when they were caught, the judge said he would be lenient with their sentence if they told how they didn't get sick. They were spice traders and would rub these oils in a vinegar base on themselves before entering the homes. Thus the name "Thieves" oil. 

I have shared the oil with friends that would get sick all winter and they no longer get sick. I diffuse it in my house, my car and we take it by using a drop in the mouth and swishing it around with spit and then swallowing it if we feel something coming on. Truly, it is something I would NEVER be without. I make my own mix to diffuse as it is cheaper but when it comes to putting it on the body, I only use the young living brand

Best of luck and feel free to ask questions. Here is a link to where I describe how we use "thieves" oil normally. Here is one where I used it to heal my mother in ICU.



  1. I have tried the hydrogen peroxide soaks and noticed swelling around the toenail. Did you dilute the solution prior to soaking?

  2. Hi. Did you dilute the peroxide mixture? I noticed some swelling around the toe nail.

    1. I used 3% hydrogen peroxide and did not dilute it. I never had any swelling but it may have just bubbled up the fungus under the nail which looked to be swelling. I have never had a problem but I did dig out the dead goo after soaking them as the nail was detached due to the fungus. Best of luck. Have a Blessed Day!