Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clay Poultice With Cayenne Pepper To Open Pores

Over the past week, at least five people have mentioned clay poultices to me. I figured it was a sign that I should probably do them on Princess Five. 

In my mind, clay poultices are messy. I envisioned my mother putting mud on my bee stings when I was little and dirty water dripping off my limbs. 

I think because of those images, I was a bit hesitant to do a clay poultice. I have used clay on stings but always use "mud mask" and put that on injection sites, stings, or spider bites etc. 

I have never had a child with a large area of injury before. The biggest trama was a broken arm from monkey bars which was casted immediately, and Princess Three's foot being cut open on the fourth of July which you can read about here.

So, I just said a prayer and pulled out some "Redmond" clay which is mined deep in the earth in their salt mines. I have posted about the "Redmond" salt before here. 

I just made a quick past out of the clay and proceeded to lay it out just as I did the comfrey poultices as they have worked so well using the paper towels to hold the stuff together and allow it to work through the towel without making a mess on the skin.  

When I was about to put the poultice on, I had the "impression" or "inspiration" to put a bit of cayenne pepper onto it. It isn't a really hot version which I do have but I just used the table seasoning version and barely sprinkled it over the clay.  
When I pondered on why I was to do that, the thought came that cayenne opens the pours like a hot bath would, that allows more toxins, heat etc out. I thought it seemed logical but whatever the reason, I did what my "gut" told me to do and it didn't seem to hurt.

Before putting it on, I flipped the dry side to be touching the plastic wrap and put the more moist bottom side towards the skin. I wrapped it in plastic wrap but after about 20 minutes, I took the plastic wrap off and allowed the poultice to dry and hopefully pull out any toxins, damaged tissue die off in the area.   

Princess didn't seem to have a problem with this poultice at all so we are going to try and do some poultice nightly but things have been so busy, she falls asleep and I forget etc. 

We are learning so many things and I pray they will help her heal quickly so she doesn't miss the entire year of dancing! 

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