Tuesday, February 10, 2015

One, One, One - 111 Life for Me

I can't even explain to you how often my Heavenly Father reminds me He loves me. 

Every time I see a penny or a coin on the ground I know to trust in Him. Other times, I see a sign outright that I should "Trust in Him" or "In God We Trust" as we now have that available on our license plates, sometimes I see it while driving, at other times, I see it in framed art postage stamps while at an office building like in this one to the left. At those times, I am reminded I need to "Trust in Him."

But, one way He lets me know He loves me is to show me the number 111. I have posted about this in the past. Here is a link to the first post about 111.

Because it happens frequently, I don't post about every time it happens as I would have a coin or a 111 post almost weekly. I think that would get overwhelming and I wonder if people would really believe how often I see the number 111 in my life or how often I do find coins.
Every so often I will take a picture of the 111 events in my life and think I will put them in a daily post as you see I did in one last week where we celebrated Princess Four getting her CNA. Or this one just over a month ago where we posted about the Christmas Concert. 
I get posting about other things in my life and since they don't relate to anything in my posts, I just have a little collection of them from the past few months. 

I thought today I would share some of the photos I have taken in the past four months or so but never posted them in daily posts as they didn't relate to anything other than to help me see that someone is reminding me that He loves me. 
The total for my Walmart grocery bill over the holidays was $111.11. I laughed as it was the week that I had everyone home for the holiday. I had to take a picture of the register and the receipt is at the bottom of the page as I thought that it wasn't an accident that my total for the holiday surrounding Christ was the total 111.11. 
I shared in my first post about 111 that in dreams, both ones and when you add 111 it is 3 and that is "trinity" as they tell you to add the numbers together in the dream books.

The next one was the water bottle at my immediate family adult Christmas party with my siblings and parents.   

After that, receipts and a penny from the same day having 111's on them. 

The next was this week going to the hardware store, the box of things I was buying was labeled with a 111. They were 20 for a dollar and are normally several dollars each as the store was clearing them out. I knew it was for me and smiled when I saw the numbers on the outside of the box. 

The next is a $1.11 income on the advertising on my blog over Christmas. 

Then, 111 inside the paper towel roll I use in my bathroom. I had never seen numbers inside the rolls before and I look down before going to bed after washing my face and there it was. The next roll didn't have the 111 in it so it must have just been me needing it at the time.
The next, Princess Four texted me one night in January telling me how much she loved me and when I went to reply I noticed it was sent at 11:11. 

Around that same time, there were new episodes of "White Collar" on netflix and I was watching one while working on a project when I saw the fake ID he was using and it was just a flash but laughed when I saw it was made on 11/11/13. I scrolled it back and paused it so I could take a picture. 

Last month I used check 2111. I was searching sometime on ebay and up comes this trivia thing flashing through the questions and answers and saw the answers were 11 and 111 for the question and smiled about it. 

I had another $111 dollar grocery bill at a different grocery store and laughed all the more when my electricity bill came and my usage for each day during the month was 1.11 units per day. 

That of course isn't all the 111's in my life as you know I posted those others on the pertaining posts but I have stressed about finances much over the past few months with hitting the deer, fixing up the cars to pass inspection, paying house taxes, Christmas, 2 girls in college, another getting ready to drive, five cell phones, five cars and five drivers on my insurance and the holiday travel etc. It has been a stressful time for me not feeling well with all the headaches and other health issues. 
I know my Heavenly Father has sent me many extra reminders that He is watchful of me and HE knows my struggles and challenges being a single mother and He knows that I don't feel well all the time and HE sends me many reminders to Trust in Him and that He loves me. 

If you want to see all my posts about 111 over the years, just type in 111 in the search bar at the bottom of my home page and you will see many posts about it. The "Trust in God" posts are great as well if you are looking for good reading. 

I am grateful for His constant love and reminders. I am truly blessed.

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