Thursday, August 25, 2016

Framing A Record Memory - Gift From Grandma

I blogged a few weeks back about my mothers estate items being delivered to my home. It gave me a full house in the living room until I could finish some of the "projects" needed to get the items into usable shape. 

One item I inherited was my mothers Pace Victrola. Here is that post. Interestingly enough, when I took the picture of the items I inherited for my blog, this very record was brought to my home in the Victrola and the picture I took shows this record in the dusty Victrola. It was the last record my mother listened to on the player.
The record is a "Cameo" album. One side was "A Boys Best Friend is His Mother." which is the record which is playing on the above video here where I share how I fixed the needle screw. Just listen to the beginning as that is the record with that song.  

I had the impression that my mother would like my niece whose name happens to be "Cameo" to get the record. I called Cameo's mom and asked when her birthday was as I am NOT one of those people who remembers everyone's birthday. I wish I were that way, but having over 50 nephews and nieces, it makes it hard. 

Her mom said it was a few months away so I wasn't worried, I knew it wasn't pressing to get done and I could figure it out after the crazy of car accidents, missions, returning to school etc was over. 
I was trying to sleep and of course, being exhausted, I couldn't so I just laid in bed for over and hour before dragging myself up to be useful since I wasn't getting sleep anyway. 

While laying there, I thought of this niece. She is so talented and I thought about hiring her to make me some Halloween decorations for one of the girls doll houses as she is really talented with little fimo clay food, etc.  
While out running errands, I felt like I needed to frame the record and get it to her today. I wasn't sure why but I bought a document glass frame with the see through sides. I thought it would make the record stand out more. 

I came home and cleaned the record and after consulting a specialist on old records, I found that "windex" is the product of choice to clean them. I sprayed it and cleaned it as best as one can with a record that is almost twice my age.

I put it between the glass and held it above my head to make sure it was centered and had to move it a few times to get it right. I show in the bottom video how I framed it and I really like how it came out. I obviously cleaned all the sides of the glass and I dinged the edge so I just took a Sharpie marker and filled in the scratches I made.

I called my sister and talked to her daughter and found out that Cameo was starting high school this week and was nervous and I then realized why it was important that I gave her the record today. My mom was probably up in heaven hounding me to get it done to let Cameo know that someone was thinking of her..... 

My sister dropped by and I gave it to my niece and she was very happy about it and I suggested maybe putting a little information paper in with the record or something but she told me she liked it just the way it was, simple and the focal point. 

I know it made her feel good that someone was thinking of her and for some reason, I thought she was still attending a charter school and not the public high school so I am glad that I was "inspired" to follow that "feeling" and follow through with framing that and giving it to her on a day when she may need it. 

I thought it came out nice and am glad it will be appreciated. I thought she could hang it in her art studio one day as she is one TALENTED girl! I have no doubt she will make it big some day!   

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