Monday, August 8, 2016

Trying to Go With The Flow - Just a Day

Tonight, I played a game with the girls that were home and we watched "Austinland." 

My life continues daily to be crazy and it seems that this has been going on for years! I keep asking myself why my life can't be boring and dull like some of my friends as I always feel like I am running from one busy thing to the next. 

I have to admit that this year has been one of the more crazy having my mother live with me and then pass away but now with the car crash, new baby, my mothers estate, a missionary getting ready to leave, extended family obligations etc, it seems like it isn't getting any better, slower or more calm! 
This week in five days, we had a family reunion at the lake, had to pack up the trailer, drive to the lake, the door broke, had to fix that, had a few wasps nests to deal with. 

Leave the family that could come at the lake and travel 6 hours to pick up Princess Five who was at a leadership conference for the week. Get back, eat dinner after fixing the trailer issues, get to bed.

Wake up and pack up the trailer, clean up the camp, (I never did get down to the lake the entire three days) travel to where Princess Four is moving out of her college and summer housing, pack up all her stuff, load up the trailer in 100 degree heat, clean the apartment and drive home arriving at dusk. 

Unload the trailer of all her apartments stuff, coolers, etc, clean it, winterize it and haul it to where it is stored about 11 p.m. and return home to put the food away getting to bed about 4 a.m.
Up early for church, spoke about "miracles" in our life and was able to share some of the blessings we have had over the past few weeks with Princess Five's accident. 

Arrived home and called one of the Dr.'s as Princess can't straighten her elbow now and has pain. I think it may be healing wrong due to the hanging shoulder issue. She has a Dr. apt in the morning, an MRI in the afternoon, a follow up and x-rays tomorrow of the elbow and finding out the results of the MRI to schedule surgery.

I made hash-brown casserole and we ate but instead of cleaning, doing the dishes, helping Princess Four sort her stuff and pack it for a long storage while she is on her mission, I decided to ignore it all. 

I sat with the girls while they played on their phones and just watched them. Many times over the afternoon and evening, I just sat, no distraction, just enjoyed. We took naps, we played a game, we watched one of our favorite movies and were silly trying on some long wear lipstick that was so purple it looked "goth" and took some pictures, made some silly videos and I just took it all in and enjoyed every second! The girls liked most of it but said the Victrola / record player was too loud and both just stuck their fingers in their ears at the same time. I thought it was funny.
Yes, I am stressed by it all and having my mom's estate stuff still needing work and in the front room and a bedroom is stressful. Having a tree full of ripe plums needing dehydrating is stressful. Having dishes in my sink is stressful as I don't sleep well if the dishes aren't done. It is just something that has always bothered me to have dishes in the sink. 
Truly, I am trying to enjoy what I have while it lasts as Princess Four will be leaving on a mission soon. Some of the girls could be married before her return. Princess Five will be at college when she gets back after 18 months serving as a missionary. I don't know how much time I have left with them giggling and being silly and just being sister and not wives, mothers etc. 

As crazy at my life is..... It is wonderful and I know I will eventually get the house clean, dishes done, plums dried, furniture refinished but I don't know how long I have my girls for so I am just grateful for them, having them home for a day, one day, not a perfect day, but just a day......

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