Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dehydrating Comfrey For Later Use in Poultices

Princess Five has a bone bruise that is so significant that medical science can't do anything for her for the next six months. 

Her shoulder was hurt in a roll over car accident. I could put some links here to the accident, the MRI and x-rays etc but there are too many to do that with so I will just suggest that if you want to see the car, accident, injuries etc, that you search at the bottom of the home page and type in "Princess Five accident" and you will get to view those posts. 
Since science has no options for her treatment for six months, I have been forced to turn to non-western treatments and herbs as there are no "pill" fixes to bone bruises! 

I share in the video below how I dehydrated the comfrey but also making poultices which I will post about tomorrow but since it has been a VERY long migraine and feet swelling day, I opted for the short of the two posts. 

I will include the video in tomorrows post as well as it covers both days posts but basically, to dehydrate comfrey, I just washed the leaves, cut off any stems that were not on the leaves themselves. Save those for other purposes or cut them into very small pieces to dehydrate as you don't want long hard stems.

Lay the clean leaves onto your trays and dehydrate at 100 degrees or less as herbs lose potency with heat. They will dry quickly overnight and if there are any "wet" or pliable spots, continue to dry those and break off the dry leaves for further processing.  

Put the leaves into a vitamix or other "dry mixer" or coffee grinder and blend into a fine powder and store in an airtight tupperware until you need it. This works for poultices that are needed in the winter if you don't have a plant in the house or a greenhouse. 
Just add water until you have a thick paste and watch tomorrows post or the video to see how I make poultices to freeze for later use. We used the frozen ones tonight and Princess said it made her arm "feel better" tonight. More tomorrow.... I need to thank Sunny here for her donation of the comfrey used on Princess Five's injuries and for dehydrating for later use!

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