Friday, August 26, 2016

Teaching an Old Blogger New Tricks - Thanks Princess Four

Today, Princess Four asked me why I don't have links on my videos to my other videos and why I don't link to my blog from youtube. I told her I didn't know how and I am busy and when I start figuring things like that out, it takes me hours of time I don't have in my life right now.

She was rubbing my feet while I was at the computer and kept saying, "Just watch a tutorial video on it on youtube while I rub your feet."

Now, I know in all reality that it isn't that simple and kept resisting as it just takes longer than I want it to take but she kept insisting so we started watching one man and he had a south sea accent of some kind and hopped around so fast I couldn't follow him past the first few pages and we were having a difficult time understanding him.

True to form, I had just picked the shortest video and watched it. But, we clicked on the "next" video that was a bit longer and he was from India with a different accent and we both started laughing as we couldn't seem to find one that spoke our same language but the first part of his tutorial was sufficient to get me to the pages I needed to figure the rest out.

From there however, I needed to link my blog page and that was horrible and took forever as it wouldn't accept my password for some reason but after an hour or two, we went back and I typed it right in and off we went. So, we linked my to youtube so I can send people to my blog directly with a link on my videos now.

From there, I was able to put little "Subscribe" boxes on my videos so that with one link, people can subscribe to my youtube channel. That was fun. My problem is that this type of stuff and editing takes so long and my life is so busy that I hate to do it. Just thinking about going back and putting subscribe boxes on the over 300 youtube videos I have uploaded makes me stressed so I doubt I will ever do it because it takes quite some time to put it on each video.

Her suggestion, while she was so amazingly rubbing my swollen feet, was that I put them on my most viewed videos and not worry about the rest. She shared that if I can get people to watch both my toenail fungus videos, I double my returns on those larger viewed videos making twice as much monthly as I am on just one video.

Of course, my Suma Cum Laud  Business Graduate would come up with that so she sat with me for the four hours it took to figure it all out and helped me link the one video to the other video and between the two of us, we make a pretty good team as I figured that I needed to put the link after the opening of the video or they may not watch both videos.

We also figured out how to add the subscribe button and at the end of one of the videos, I linked them to my blog and she noticed that google put an essential oil advertisement on my blog and told me that I should really get some of my own advertisers and put them on my blog. I laughed..... Like I have TIME for that..... She laughed when I laughed as she knows being here just a week now how crazy my days are with everything going on with Princess Fives situation.

I am grateful she was so insistent in her willingness to help me and push my limits as truly, I haven't even looked at half the pages on my youtube channel and editing pages, in fact, we saw LOTS of new pages including one that tells me what countries are watching and how much of the advertisement money comes from each country. We had two countries on there we hadn't heard of and were embarrassed to admit. It is a learning curve but considering I am as busy as I am, it is amazing to me that I have blogged for as many years as I have and she suggested that instead of the lengthy blog I had planned to write, since it was after 4 a.m., I write one about learning this new thing. I smiled when I opened my blog page and saw that at that very moment I had all 1'a on my "online now" page showing people from five different countries yet each had all one's in the totals.

It took it as a sign that I need to continue to figure out how to do this thing that seems so overwhelming to me. I still don't know half of the stuff on my blog let alone youtube as there are SO many options. Considering my age, I think I do "OK" but we can all stand to learn more.

Thanks Princess Four for teaching this old blogging mom some new tricks!!! And, for rubbing my tired and swollen feet! I'm gonna miss you when your gone!

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