Monday, August 1, 2016

Far Away, Far Away - Still in Awe - Reminder Gift

Today, I drove Princess Five past the site of her crash again. I was dropping her off for a week long teen / patriotic leadership conference. 

I drove past the crash site twice today as I took her up and returned home. When passing the area both times I passed it, I looked for the area where she went off the road and there just isn't a sign unless you are going slow enough and looking for the orange spray dots on the road where the trooper marked her leaving the road. 

The day I took the girls out and I walked the crash site and counted the feet between touch downs, I had Princess Four take a video and pictures from the road side just to see how far the car really was for those driving past. 
When you watch the video and you see how far I am from the road as I am at the crash site, and then she shows where the car is, you can get an idea of how far she actually went off the road. 

I would really like to have been able to see the actual accident with the car flipping etc to see just how it landed that far off the road. 

Of course, I don't want anyone in the car as that would be traumatic but really, I had her take a pictures of me at each "touch down" spot before the car stopped and you can see that at some point, she didn't get further from the car but got further from the road.  

It seems like the first half of the accident, she was moving in the same direction as the road but then halfway through, she stopped moving "forward" and moved away from the road and not in the same direction as the road. 

Princess Four is on the road taking the video and pictures but she is not where the car left the road, she is just showing the distance from the road itself. Then you add in how far the car was down the road and you have a huge distance traveled in the accident, or more correctly, distance rolled!

I found the little Disney / belt silver ring and thought I would give it to Princess Five as a reminder of the blessing of wearing her seat belt. I don't think she will ever forget the accident but I hope when she sees that ring, she will be reminded of the blessing of surviving and how that seat belt saved her life and how she was saved for some reason. 
When dropping her off at the academy today, the General in charge talked about how he got home last night at the airport and had a call. When he returned it, his 21 year old niece had died opening her front door due to a blood clot. She was about to get married. 
It is times like that when you think, "How did Princess survive a crazy horrible crash when others die when seemingly healthy?" There is no reasoning it. It just is what it is! 

I am so grateful that God allowed us to have her longer in our world! 

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