Monday, August 15, 2016

Making a Comfrey Poultice Using Fresh Plant Leaves

I talked in my post on Friday about how the Surgeon and Medical Science can't help Princess Five at the moment. There is NOTHING that they can do for bone bruising and can't do surgery for at least six months because of  the massive bruising she has on her humerus head. 

This left us frustrated that she couldn't move her arm away from her body after three weeks and her healing was stalled waiting for the MRI, the results, appointments with the Dr. and then scheduling the physical therapy etc. We are over three weeks out now and she has had no help medically at all other than a sling and that was because I forced the issue upon discharge. She starts therapy tomorrow!

Where does one turn when medical science can't help? In my life, God has put me in several situation over the years where medical science can't help me. Even though I am a nurse, I know what we can do and can't do for certain illnesses and I get frustrated with medicine when we stop looking for a "fix" because someone told us there is nothing we can do!  

When someone you love is in pain and science can't help them, it is heart breaking. It is at these times, I have turned to God. One such time was when my oldest had strep and was allergic to the antibiotic. It was then that I learned about colloidal silver and she was better quickly. It was another such time I learned about grapefruit seed extract. To this day, I carry both those items and "theives" oil in my purse at all times as they are so useful for so many things working together as a natural antibiotic. They helped cure my mother in ICU when the Dr's said there was nothing else they could do to cure her sepsis and brain infection. Yet, she was cured and released soon after that day. 

Once again, medical science has let me down. This has happened so many times and it was today in a friends garden that I had a glimpse into God's hand in my life where he gave me the background of being a nurse which gave me the understanding of the limits of science and the knowledge of what science would do for each situation. 

God then gave me sick kids. Gave me a mother almost dying. Gave me a parasite that before this isn't known to inhabit humans. Gave me a daughter who should be dead or seriously injured and wounded the least intrusive spot on her body (she is right handed and it is her left arm) to teach me about another wonderful healing herb.  

Since my post on Friday, two more people not related brought up using comfrey on their own talking about how their mother used comfrey poultices and perhaps that would help her!~ 

I couldn't deny that I should listen to those suggestions as we prayed for help since the Dr's couldn't do anything for at least six months, we thought we had better take all the advise we can and with that, I asked at church if anyone had any comfrey plants in their yard and a friend shared that her mother in law did and I happen to know her so it was wonderful. 

Later, I went to her yard and she shared how she used it over the years for her kids and how she just crushes the plant and wraps it around the wound. She said that the boys on her kids football teams would come over for the "green weed" when they would get a sprained ankle as it would help them feel better so much quicker. She told me story after story how they used it over the years on her 11 children! 

I later learned that the common name for comfrey is "bone knit" as it helps broken bones heal so quickly. It amazes me how we have lost so much information on the old healing ways over the years. Obviously, this has a history and I have to share that we were using the salve for the past three days now as I purchased it on Friday. Today is the first day that Princess Five has been able to move her left arm on it's own and is able to lift it forward and extend it away from her body about 6-8 inches! In three weeks, she hasn't been able to move it an inch! 

The only thing we added was the vitamin C and Dr. Christopher's complex and salve until last night. Last night, I purchased some MSM and she started taking that. It may be the combination of the two but whatever it is, she is ecstatic as she doesn't want to miss the dance competitions this year which are in January but they are trying out for the routines in the next week. 

My neighbor and a few others suggested the MSM as they have had similar injuries and the MSM helped them. This neighbor had a huge bruise on his hip bone which resulted in a bone graft. He was told that he would never have any cartilage in that hip after the surgery. He started taking the MSM and has never had another problem with it and when they did an x-ray years later, they said his cartilage looked great! It had grown back. When I went to purchase the MSM, they told me that they have an 80 year old who swears by it and when she takes it, she has no arthritis so she keeps taking it. 
Hopefully, Princess Five will be diligent on taking what she needs to heal and I can learn what I need to learn about this amazing herb. I am going to go over and get a start for my garden. Obviously it is a great healing herb for burns, skin, and tissue damage. 

I asked how she prepared her poultice and she said she just crushes the plant enough to release the liquid in the stem and leaves and then puts it on the skin.

I laid out plastic wrap and then washed and placed leaves and stem over the wrap then used a rounded crystal pressure point tool to crush it but I don't think it matters what you use to crush it. I then coated her skin with some oil and ointment so that the little hairs on the plant wouldn't irritate her. I wrapped the plastic wrap around her shoulder and we watched a few shows while it was on. It was interesting to me that her arm under the wrap got very hot and created condensation on the plastic and some areas were really hot and others were cold so I think it pulled out heat from the worse damaged areas. 

The other weird side effect was that she was freezing! I was hot, we had the swamp cooler off and the dehydrator was pumping out warm air and she was wrapped in a blanket cold! I think by pulling out the heat in her wounds, it cooled her off or something. It was really interesting to see.  

When we took it off, I just wiped down the area and applied the lavender, frankincense oils and the comfrey salve and she went to bed. 

I think I am going to try different ways to make the poultice as there are many different ways posted online so since this one is a bit pokey, I may try one that is more a pulp and can be spread on and then wrapped. There are so many things to learn but I do want to find the way that will work best for her and is the least irritating so she will be willing to do it. 

I think I also may try leaving it on all night and see how it feels in the morning and to do that, I can't have the plastic wrap as it won't hold so I will experiment and let you know what works best for the shoulder as she needs to find a cure so she can be cured enough to dance in the next few months instead of waiting for surgery in six months and then another year to heal. Tell me what teen would be that patient and OK being immobile for that long! 

God is so good and people are so good to listen to what he has for them to share with us. They just come out and tell us about the comfrey without me asking and sharing about the MSM. Princess One was so good to mention Dr. Christopher's blend so we are blessed to be surrounded by inspired people! 

You should have seen the happy smile on Princess Five's face when she came up and said, "Look what I can do mom!" As she has tried over and over to move it with no results for weeks! 

Keep her in your prayers and we will keep you informed as to how she is doing and what works and doesn't work so that if you know of anyone with a similar injury, it may help them. I myself fell a year ago and tore my rotator cuff and it was healing until I pick up my grandchild with my right arm as I forget and then it takes months to heal and I rip it out again! I think I may try this stuff on myself as it has been really sore since I stayed with Princess One for the baby last month. Wouldn't it be great if we could both be pain free and mobile!

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